May 7 2008Brightdoor Makes Its Locked Status Obvious


The Brightdoor is green when unlocked, red when locked. Pretty simple, but it's making that girl in the picture glow like the devil. Apparently Lervik Design (the company responsible) first made just handles that lit up. But after realizing you could waste a lot more energy if the whole door glowed, they created this monstrosity. But as ridiculous as it is, I kind of like it. But instead of indicating locked or unlocked, I think it should be enter/do not enter (serving a similar function to the "do not disturb" signs in hotels and the sock you used to hang on your dormroom door in college). And here's why: One time a girlfriend of mine in college was studying for an exam all night, so I decided to go out and get drunk and mack on all the soon-to-graduate chicks at the bars. So I had a good time with the ladies and eventually ended up back at home. And what should happen? My girlfriend, who promised she would be studying all night, decided she was already prepared for the exam and came over to sleep in my bed. I was completely unaware of this. So, lo and behold, she comes over and busts open my bedroom door. And there I was, having sex. With myself. To anime. She screamed and broke up with me right there. And what I learned from the situation is this: I can't believe I just told you all that story.

Brightdoor: Well, the Door is Securely Locked, But I Haven't Slept in Days [gizmodo]

Thanks to Shawn, who once forgot to hang a sock on the door and his roommate walked in on him with four chicks in the bed

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Reader Comments

I think this is fantastic. On the door to public restrooms/outhouses it will give the homeless some privacy at last.

To the Geekologie writer:
Any girl that would break up with you just because you happened to be jerking off is a ridiculous prude.

Most people masturabate, more people should, just don't let it become chronic because that's just sad, end of advice. Over and out.

Can't work that well. Little shit is still yanking on that handle. "occupied. Occupied! OCCUPIEDO DAMN IT!"

You'd still have to put a sign on it that says occupied....

Why is the door red? Uh duh.......

Agreed SG lol

you need the green key
now you need the red key

those doors would make doom a lot more interesting.

That's so video game, I love it.

Thats the same as the diary room door in the Australian Big Brother house.

Haha, thats so friggin awesome

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