May 15 2008Alien "Email" Could Arrive As Early As 2015, The Pope Is Totally Cool With That, You Know, As Long As It Doesn't Really Happen


Hisashi Hirabayashi and a colleague used a radio telescope in 1983 to send a message to Altair, a star approximately 16 light-years away.

The message, which is believed to have reached Altair in 1999, consisted of 13 binary-encoded images (71 x 71 pixels each) that showed, among other things, the characteristics of our solar system, the location of our planet, the known chemical elements, whole numbers, human characteristics, and the basic structure of DNA. Their message also attempted to explain biological evolution with a depiction of mammals evolving from primeval life forms (see the image above of the fish crawling onto land).

That one picture looks like a midget kicking a naked woman in the shins, but whatever. Now provided the aliens (if there are any) were intelligent enough to receive and decode the message, they could have a message back to us as early as 2015. Hot damn, I can hardly wait!

Strangely, one of the pictures sent to Altair includes the molecular formula for ethanol along with the kanji characters for kanpai (the Japanese toast of "cheers!") and the English word "TOAST." "I came up with that idea while drinking," Hirabayashi playfully admits. "The aliens probably won't understand that part."

Oh, they'll understand Hirabayashi, they'll understand. Alcohol is the universal language that that makes communication with the opposite sex possible. The googly-eyed bastards will definitely get that. What I'm worried about is them understanding the rest of it.

And in a related story the Vatican has announced that it is perfectly Christian to believe in aliens, despite their not being in the Bible.

The Bible "is not a science book," Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes (Jesuit director of the Vatican Observatory) said, adding that he believes the Big Bang theory is the most "reasonable" explanation for the creation of the universe. The theory says the universe began billions of years ago in the explosion of a single, super-dense point that contained all matter.

And when asked why aliens didn't make an appearance in the Bible, Funes noted, "It's not a damn sci-fi novel."

Alien e-mail reply to arrive in 2015? [pinktentacle]
Vatican: It's OK to believe in aliens [yahoonews]

Thanks to Melissa, who may be the only person who really knows what's out there

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All i have to say is SWEET MOTHER F***EN ALIENS.

All I can say is "Mmmmmmkay".

Wow! I absolutely love aliens! They are sooooo friendly!

That's disgusting.

"And when asked why aliens didn't make an appearance in the Bible, Funes noted, "It's not a damn sci-fi novel."

Made me lol irl.

The big bang theory: Nothing existed. That nothing exploded and created everything. That's very reasonable.

Aliens are so advanced, that they communicate using only exclamation points...

i'm confused. surely 16 LIGHT years is not that same as 16 years?

mike wants me, but it's okay! I want him too!

This comment on pink tentacle made me laugh a lot, so here it is

2008.05.15 ::: 3:48 am
They forgot to mention that once the message was received in the Altair system, it was then posted on several message boards where it was promptly declared as “fake” by extraterrestrial bloggers.

Just WOW! some points
1. There are aliens in the bible, duh! What do you think the Annunaki were, leprechauns that flew in from Ireland?
2. Sending radio messages into space is a pointless waste. If you run SETI@home uninstall it, your better off using your processor and connection on porn for all the good it will do. Do you think the government would let SETI tell you they found a signal? Which is extremely unlikely because..
3. There's probably no physical aliens out there, someone needs to teach these people quantum mechanics. Other life exists on other dimensions, they won't receive or make sense of any radio signals.
4. Jesuits are responsible for the most evil in the world, you can't believe anything that comes from the Vatican. Remember, the pope is a documented Nazi.

@ #8

A light year is how far light can travel in a year.


What is that wacky writing in the picture? How are Aliens supposed to know what we're saying if we don't write it in English?

You see what I did there? I was slamming Americans for being so obnoxious and
narcissistic, LOL! Take that you Americans!

I think it's a stupid idea, I mean if there are aliens out there then we're telling them where we are, what we look like, what we're made of and what bad drawers we are, thems gonna be some pissed off, resource hungry aliens that are gonna come blow the hell out of us and piss off with all our beer, THE BEER!!!!!!!!!!!

There actually are aliens in the bible.
Read Ezekial.
He totally see's a "flaming chariot wheel from the sky" land and then an alien with four faces comes out and tells him he's seeing angels.
Totally aliens f***ing with us.

I've seen three ufos, and that night it was before I started drinking! They streaked out in the sky across the pacific and disappeared!

anyways, uhm... by the time aliens get here, theyll be all wondering what the hell happened because we will have all been killed by robots by then.

This is old news! I heard about this in 1983!

Get wih the times!


Ehhum...the new Pope is a documented Nazi Youth or aka Hitler Youth. Which, if you were in Nazi occupied Germany at the time, it was highly "encouraged" by the state to be a part of said youth "organizations".

And the Vatican didn't come up with new sins to replace the old seven deadly sins either...just incase anyone wanted to bring that up.

Oh, and no, 16 light years does not equal 16 years; I noticed someone posted something about that...

what happened to the prime directive?

Oh wait, I don't live in Star Trek.

The Pope is an alien anyway.

Aliens in the Bible - what about the Nephilim?

Anyway, haven't they read The Sparrow?

Seriously though, prepare for an influx of aliens into the International (sorry, Intergalactic) Association for Religious Freedom

So... If we do get something back it'll probably be in the same pixel format... which I think is hilarious.

Those Altairis had to hunt down the members of an esoteric youth subculture of historians who dally around with 2D pixel art to try to decipher our images and to construct the reply.

@14, you rock Dude!
@15, you are also a Dude that rocks!

Now, someone please kill me for using the phrase "you rock".

Hey.. look. Just because all aliens everywhere speak american english isn't american's fault! Its just the way the galaxy works.. OK?!

This view based solely on what holywood scifi shows/movies I've seen..

aliens are probably way ahead of us anyway technologically, and prob got to the stage of casual communication we use now, 15 years ago when the "email" was sent - it'll be just like another viral to them. the reply we'll get will probably just say "tnx 4 ur msg. 2cool. mdgt kckn wmn in shins fckin hlarious, lol. wat up wit u? wrt bck plz".

I can't confirm this but I heard somewhere that after a certain amount of light years, the signal just scrambels so we could only communicate with planets very close to us.

SMS the Aliens.

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