Apr 3 2008Shoes Have Headlights, Rubber, Lots Of White


Well in the pictures after the jump they look all white. Admittedly, in that picture they look gray on top. But I digress. They have headlights in the toes.

Pioneer is a concept shoe that coverts kinetic walking energy into electrical energy. There's a tiny battery that charges up with each step and can keep the headlights on for a full 12 hours straight dispersing light at 1.5 meters.

Wow, they've had these for years. My niece even has a pair. Every time she takes a step Dora the Explorer and little pink butterflies light up on the sides. I went for a pair, but alas, no 11's. Personally I have no interest in this model. Perhaps if you're a night runner looking for a little extra safety these would come in handy (read: footy). But I've been running (from the authorities) in the dark for years without any problems. Except for the times I've hidden under overturned kiddy-pools. They always check under those.

NOTE: If you foresee yourself being chased by a ninja in the future do not buy these, you'll be totally f***ed.

Several more pictures after the jump.




Shoe Headlights [yankodesign]

Thanks to Jimmy, who can see in the dark, for the tip

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Reader Comments

Geek Guy - great minds and all that - I was thinking "no one could get away from the cops wearing those" and then read the ninja comment.

As we all take our athletic shoe fashion nod from the gangstas, that is a serious drawback.

Wasn't Al bundy the 1st inventor of the Shoe Lights!

Those would be great for a hippy festival, especially if they had different color options for the light! This amazing benefit aside, I'm pretty sure those would look horrendously ugly on your feet and ruin almost any outfit (think: Crocs).

Wow, shoe headlights such a simple but certainly of questionable utility idea.
It seems like something a fifth grader would come up with.

Until I got to the paragraph about your niece I had forgotten about the "light up shoes!" I rocked many pairs of those as a youngin'.

Too bad this is just ANOTHER F***ING CONCEPT product that will never see the light of day.

I'm going to photoshop up some amazing new products and get posted on here every other day.

I think it fits in the with the new "white leather" outlaw biker theme that's coming out this fall. It's all the rage in space. Space bikers are the coolest!!!

Yeah in case you all didnt notice those are house shoes. So you wont be wearing them when your run from the cops. Actually, you all probably will, when your playing GTA IV or whatever.

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