Apr 10 2008Security Briefs Prevent Theft, Unless Thief Is Really, Really Desperate Or Just Plain Gross


Security briefs are underwear that have a nasty stain in the back and a hidden Velcro compartment in front to stash your valuables. They cost $10 and are pretty gross. The idea (I presume) is that the shifty maid cleaning your hotel room will go through your bags looking for treasure, instead find what appears to be the skid marks of a landing seven-forty-shitven, puke in your suitcase, and quit her job. She may become a nun or prostitute, but she won't ever work at a laundromat.

An uncensored picture after the jump (like I really did a good job with the box).


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Thanks to the Inedible Hulk, who simply can't be eaten no matter how much butter you slather on, for the tip

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Reader Comments

So wrong on so many levels... excuse me, gonna hurl.....

"Hmm... where's my fake underwear with all my cash in it..?"
"Oh... there it is!"

"This... ..."
"This isn't the fake underwear..."

Crazy people are going to be buying these when they really should be putting that money into medication.

$10, what a rip off! I make my own for free. wait.... there, just made another one.

Oh, just use mine without a pocket.
If they sell it on brazil, i would buy it, ill never be stolled again.

I'm not drunk enough yet for this kind of shenanigans.

And FYI, it's called wet-wipes, perferably the Charmin wet-wipes. *sigh*

Is this a plausible deniable way to pay off your prostitute?

Let's see the entrapment policewoman put her hand there!

Man, that would suck if the maid decides to wach the skanky things and f***ing pulps all your money in the pocket.
This underwear = Phail.

I told them to leave the stain out when they prototyped my underwear. Now I'm just embarrassed.

Money can go through the wash no problem, FYI.

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