Mar 3 2008Wrong, Wrong, Wrong: Fetish Birdo Costume


Remember Super Mario Bros. 2? Remember the Birdos, those egg spitting bosses? Yeah, I remember them too. But not like this. This is not definitely not the way I remember the Birdos of my childhood. Now I've seen a lot of sick things in my day, and I've even done a few, but NEVER EVER HAVE I EVER asked anyone to dress up like a Super Mario Bros. boss in order to get my rocks off I only asked my girlfriend to do the Bowser thing once, and I swear I felt bad afterwards.

Fettish Birdo Is The Weirdest Thing I've Seen All Day [albotas]

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Not creepy enough? She's a man baby, yeah!!

Man, thats so freakin hot.

I'd hit that!

thank you fetish birdo, feels like a POW block just went off in my pants

Isn't that Q*Bert in drag?

Im so glad I'm not the only one.

...Isn't Birdo trans gendered? I mean, transgender..ism? doesn't bother me at all, but Birdo does, espeacially Birdo cosplay.

I always thought Birdo was like, some pre(or post)evolutionary yoshi. I mean, they both layed eggs, both were kinda gender nonspecific, both were kinda lizard like, and mario made them both his bitch.

haha its funny
birdo is actually a boy

You'd think I'd think about more than just this, but my only concern is if there is a hole in that large snout of hers.... and in other general areas, possibly covered in pink plastic.

Wow, just looking at this pink horror is disturbing. Simply seeing it offends 3 of my 5 senses.

where the little tail

... my poor eyes. I will never play Mario bros. 2 again

i can see why GW wants to bang her so badly...... she does have a tube-like mouth shaped especially for a penis.........

Nope, that's a good friend of mine! Yes, "she" is physically male, and yes, she dresses up from time to time, but not always Birdo. This was done, like, once because she felt bored. :)

I don't really care for cosplay and latex and fetish material, but she is absolutely amazing! I love her. :)

No I will not reveal her name so do not ask.

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