Mar 5 2008Wooden Head Knife-Block Is Pretty Disturbing


Here at Geekologie we've seen weird and disturbing knife-blocks in the past. Well to top them all is this prototype by Maarteen Baas. As you can see it's a man's head -- but with a bunch of damn knives sticking out of it. When my wife sees this she'll probably think it's funny and will want one painted to look like me. And that, my friends, is why I'm packing my bags and getting the f*** out of here. That crazyass is going to kill me.

Head Knife-Block [notcot]

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Reader Comments a man's....Heeeaaad

This was already shown on geekologie several months ago.

#1: I got the reference! Though it'd have been funnier if you'd have called yourself "Will Smith," but whatever.

Yeah I must admit it's disturbing...though to the writer I must say, that you should be happier she wants to use a wooden replica of your head, instead of your actual head.

Shame they went through the trouble of creating a nice wooden head sculpture and did this to it.

weird not wierd

Looks like an attractive version of Justin Timberlake.

Does that come in a woman's head?

At least the face isn't contorted in agony.

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