Mar 13 2008Questionable: Survival Zombie Kit On eBay


Having grown up in the Girl Scouts, I live by the motto: "Target fat people and you'll sell more cookies." And also that one about surviving the zombie apocalypse. Well to help fend of the uprising some guy is selling this Zombie Survival Kit on eBay. It looks pretty questionable if you ask me. I mean it's just a sawed off shotgun with 5 shells. What the hell kind of zombie apocalypse are you going to survive with five shells. At least this kit has 10, plus a knife and riot shield. Bidding is currently at a whopping $255 with 9 freaking days remaining, so apparently it's going to go for a lot more than it's worth. Which, according to my calculations, is the cost of a plastic Airsoft shotgun, five empty shotgun shells, and a picture frame.

eBay Auction
Zombie Survival Kit For Sale Now - Be Prepared [gizmodo]

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I'm so buying this. I can't stand zombies.

Bah, who needs this when you have fists and (maybe) Muscles!

If you can't beat 'em join 'em. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhgghgugughghhhh.

BrrAinsssssssssssssssssss sdkld j'aaaaaaaaaaaaas;jdma ahdj

Maybe I've been reading the Zombie Survival Guide too much (good read, recommended!), but even if you had a thousand shotgun shells that magically didn't weigh you down, that would be the worst weapon in a zombie apocalypse.

Going by the book: you want a weapon that doesn't allow rapid fire nor "spray" fire (spraying like how a shotgun shot does). This is because it gives you a false sense of courage during a zombie outbreak, which leads you to do stupid courageous things that end up killing you in the end. You want a semi-automatic gun or something like a rifle. Single shot, requires concentration... clean cut shot into the brain. A shot anywhere else on a zombie does nothing... only a shot to the brain counts. It's a well-explained point in the book.

... I'm not really proud of knowing all this, and obviously it's all fiction. ;) But hey... >_> It's better than posting "First!".

Sorry, but I must do corrections right now: the shotgun shown is a combat shotgun, the Franchi SPAS-15. A sawn-off shotgun is:

In any case, I kind of liked the other zombie survival kit better.

I have my zombie survival kit. It's similar to the one shown, but it has a shovel inside with a sharpened blade of +2 badassery. Among other things, I also have some lightweight body armour, and a flamethrower. Not because it's effective in destroying zombies(quite the opposite actually) flaming zombies is just funny to watch. about as funny as flaming people, but not illegal.

What this is also missing, is a katana!
Seriously, like that blind dude somewhere in Asia. You can run out of shells, but you can't run out of a blade! And you can hurt yourself just as much if you lack teh swordfighting skillz as if you lack teh shooting skillz.

anyone notice that there's a clip in this shotgun? a clip in a shotgun... ...hmmm...

oh yeah, shotguns don't use clips! especially clips that are too short and thin to hold shotgun shells! whoooOOOOPS!!! they forgot about that i guess.

This may have been a good idea, but how does the shotgun work if the shells are to big for the clip???

Uh huh. 5 shells, huh? Yep. I'm sure that will wipe them all out. 5 shells.

Zombie guide says: "Machetes never run out of ammo."

Plus they are soooooo much cheaper.

Um..... Personally i think this is retarded.... You know what my kit is? Lots and lots of slow fat people to trip..

:) I love zombies!

Heres fun facts to save your life from a zombie outbreak

1.) find a store with weapons, and food.
2.) block all entrances with HARD substances (have metal pikes coming out of them so they can reach the barricade.
4.) Keep women in your body :)
5.) use semi auto weaponry
6.) get as much water as you can find.
7.) have a final stand room so you can stay alive for a little longer.
8.) if zombies brake in put on all DEADLY appliances (weed wackers, chainsaws, baseball launchers.
9.) DO NOT use blunt weaponry unless your blade breaks, and ammo runs out.
10.) anyone that gets infected dies
11.) shotguns only work if up close to a zombie and about a 50 zombie horde
12.) good luck

4th tip keep women with your party

How to Identify zombies

1.) foul stench
2.) moaning
3.) limping
4.) grey, or black, decomposing skin
5.) tarnished clothing
6.) might have blood around their lips
7.) a bite wound
good luck dieing

watch out for zombie terroists with bomb straps


if anyone's interested im selling one of these,
its 20" X 16"
with a shotgun, protector sunglasses and some metal bullets,
email me if you want it with an offer

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