Mar 28 2008Mr. T Cookie Jar Keeps Cookies Safe, Fool!


Listen up, fool! Stuff your cookies in my head and I'll help keep them fresh and safe from annoying rugrats. And if I catch one standing on a stool trying to get at them I'll bite the little bastard's fingers off. I'm Mr. T, damnit. I pity the fool that tries to get up in my dome piece and steal cookies. F***, I need more necklaces. My head feels light enough to float off. Quick, more bling, I got no time for the jibba-jabba!

Mr. T's World of Warcraft commercial and a must see music video called Treat Your Mother Right, after the jump.

Mean Ceramic Cookie Jar [mrtandme]

Thanks to Christine, who bakes the best cookies in the world, for the tip

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Reader Comments

Too bad they didn't steampunk it.

I pitty the fool who don't do1t!

Cookie jar come to life

Mr. T is the coolest dude ever! I loved that show where he became the nanny to a couple of a$$wipe punk kids. They learned the Mr. T is in charge lesson very quickly.

LOL @ 3

That's just damn creepy.

Awesome, truly awesome.

I read the tag incompletely and it didn't make sense (starting with "...T A HIGH..." but then I realized that "be" should be "he" and it made sense. Neat cookie Jar...I pity the fool who thinks otherwise.

I wonder if the were to make one of Chuck Norris...every time he opened his mouth, it would smell of that "Vulva fragrance."

I can't say I remember when they aired that second video "Mother" but it's clearly from the 80's. I did like that one liner though "you're so skinny your eyes are in single file"

Mr. T. never gets old. I prefer the Mr. T 80's fashion video to the treat your mother right one, though.

Hey! It isn't fool it is foo! F-O-O. No L!

can anyone tell me where I can get my hands on one of these cookie jars?

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