Mar 31 2008Legit: Tron Lightcycle Scene In Cardboard

Remember Tron, the awesome as hell movie from the 80's where Flynn get digitized and has to fight in a computer system? Speaking of which, does anybody know where I can get my hands on one of those sweet glowing frisbee things? Anyway, long story short -- Tron is awesome, I would totally rule at that jai alai game they play to the death, they're going to make a sequel, and thinking about it gives me a pantstick. This is a video of the lightcycle seen from the original done in cardboard. It was well made. Not unlike the blanket fort I constructed this morning. My roommates don't call me Frank Lloyd Geekologie for nothing you know. Nope, I had to brandish a firearm and make them swear they would.

Cardboard Tron [notcot]

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This is the coolest thing the french have done since the Statue of Liberty! ...nope, I was wrong, this is much cooler...

Perhaps since their kissing and tickling things...? So now I really don't need to get laid.

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! I'm going home to watch tron now... OMG... OMG!!! does someone have a towel!?!

not sure, but are they calling themselves sweders at the end..?!? if so, that's awesome! Michel Gondry has just added a new term to the english language!

... He should have took a right turn.

#1: no, you were right. Your second sentence says the same as your first.

I think it was very well done, and think it'd be awesome if they did make a sequel.

Yes, mahalohalo, they are definitely calling themselves sweders as a reference to the last Gondry's ( just out here in France ). And they're also making foolwords at the end, transforming actual words in jokes and very amusing mis-spelt words... Anyway it looks awesome .

By the way excellent website! I visit everyday and always enjoy quite a good laugh here . Cheers !

the new tron movie is aired

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