Mar 28 2008International Dance Party Box Has Radar, Rewards Your Dancing With Lights, Smoke


International Dance Party is a dance party in a box.

The machine comes as a large, non-suspicious looking flightcase. Internally, it is equipped with cutting edge radar sensing technology, an ear blasting state of the art 600W sound system, tons of psychedelic light and laser effects, and even a professional grade fog machine.

Through its dance activity radar, the International Dance Party detects and evaluates motion input from surrounding people in realtime. Several sophisticated transforming mechanisms let the flightcase turn into a powerful and boosting party machine, once the visitors start to dance within the machine's range of perception.

The audience controls the complexity of the generated music and the intensity of the light effects directly by the energy of its dance action. When there is no audience, or when the audience is not active enough, the machine stops its performance and transforms back into a transport crate.

Sweet, a fully functional dance party in a box! This is just what we need to take our apartment dance parties to the next level. That next level being anything better than our last dance party. Which, incidentally, was just my roommate grinding my ass after I passed out on the couch.

P.S.: Josh -- that shit was wrong. I want you to move out.

Worthwhile (but long) explanation and demo of the device after the jump.

International Dance Party

Thanks to Alex, an international dance partier, for the tip

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Reader Comments

so people have to start dancing to make it play music?

based on what I read on other sites, I'm pretty sure this thing is a gag.

The only thing that is going to start me dancing is the promise of sex from a hot chick or this excitingly delicious dance party box! WooHoo!

Why would people start dancing near it if there's no music? Shouldn't it start the party? Does it really need radar or were they just bored?

600w? That may have been state of the art back in the 70's, but now? Hell, more like 2500w. Figure 4% inflation- that's... like... 14 kajiggawatts. That's obviously in metric.

What a gyp.

i want

Ziss guy on zee video iss a coomplete unt uttar vanker..
Ok, ok... this is pretty damn cool. BTW, 600w is plenty for a small room. You have to remember they built this thing with stuff from Radio Shack... (sorry, i'm not html savvy)

I'm pretty sure this bit is the only gag...

oh, the link worked :) How nice.

man did i ever get sucked in... In my own defence, it's only half fake tho... It's possible that it could sense if & how many people are in close proximity to it then activate the light show, but it's total BS that it can tell how energetic your dancing is & "generate" "good" music to suit...
Still, it's a robot of sorts...

Dancing is a kind of your soul...
This is a good energy...
And when dancing the world is not enough ...

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