Mar 11 2008Ecto-1 Subaru Outback Looks Really Good


Some guy pimped out his 2003 Subaru Outback to look like Ecto-1 from the Ghostbusters movies. As you can see it's got the Ghotsbusters emblem and some other decals on the side, along with flashing lights and high-tech gadgetry on top. He says the graphics set him back about $200, and the lightbars were $430 (damn!) apiece. I assume he stole the little satellite dish off a neighbor's roof. Just remember: IF THERE'S SOMETHING STRANGE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, WHO YOU GONNA CALL? Well probably not this guy. He just modded a car, he probably doesn't know shit about busting ghosts.

One more picture after the jump.


Guy Turns Subaru Outback Into Ecto-1 [ohgizmo]

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( thirsty, yes, I need some drink)

I live in the same town as this car. And you're right, they don't know shit about bustin' ghosts. All they do is cruise around town and park in front of coffee shops, or whine about how somebody busted the car windows, which unsurprisingly happens on a fairly regular basis.

You spelled were as where.


The Spelling Nazi

I <3 Slimer.

That's a movie that's going to be remade someday and will have a neat looking car to go with it...not sure about the satellite though, that's so late 90' there's sat-navs with built in receivers.

Way to go boomer

RE: Jenna

Seeing as how I know the guy who made this car, he's had one broken window which was the result of another car rear-ending him.

BTW, your last name isn't per chance "Hall", is it?

Hey now, we're as real as any ghostbuster there's EVER been!

I also catch velociraptors.

That's pretty freaking awesome. Now um... which town did you say this was in? I just wanted to know for research purposes, not like I'm going to travel down there & try to hotwire it & steal it type purposes.

FYI, those two photos are of two different cars; the bottom one is an earlier model Subaru Legacy than the top one.

"FYI, those two photos are of two different cars; the bottom one is an earlier model Subaru Legacy than the top one."

YOU ARE CORRECT, SIR! The first picture is of the original iteration of the car, a 1998 outback. Five days before halloween the car was rear-ended by a semi-truck, totaling the vehicle. This is the ONLY incidence of damage being done to the car by ANYONE, EVER. I used the insurance money to buy the 2003 model and convert it into the new Ecto, with better stuff.

Also, Jenna is just upset because there's no santa, either. ;)

Shit... other way around. First pic is newer. >.<

there's one of these in my town.
their site's at
obviously they never update it ever, but i see them cruise around 2-3 times a week

That rules.

Wow, that's a nice re-visioning of the Ectomobile, but kind of a snarky write up by the author. Jenna sounds like she's riding on the coat-tails of the author's derogatory tone. Maybe it makes them both feel better about themselves? Either way dude, whoever you are, that looked like a lot of work and would be really fun to drive around in. Nice job.

I have seen this thing at the mall a bunch of times. I think it is his daily driver. BTW, just so you can mess with Jenna, the town is Cheyenne, WY.

"BTW, just so you can mess with Jenna, the town is Cheyenne, WY"

WRONG-O! I live in Colorado. I work in Cheyenne once a month.

Try going south down the road about 60 miles from Cheyenne...Fort something or other...

Go, Boomer, Go!

ahh, good ol' fort collins

Wellll -- *thisun* gits a lot of "WHO ya gonna call" attention ;)

Wasn't intended so, but, what the hey :)

It's a workin SAR rig [Search And Rescue ] used every day

yer Subaru looks great

Wow you guys did great, and the wrangler looks awesome too. don't worry about that jenna person shes probably one of those people that thinks cheerleading is a sport. lol

now all we need are plans to do a subaru outback version of the wagon queen family truckster from national lampoons vacation.

fyi did you notice in that movie when they are doing dishes clark scrapes them off and puts them in the cupboard without washing them. lol

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