Mar 14 2008Camera Can See Through Clothing But Sadly Not In The Way That I Was Hoping For :(


The ThruVision camera, using T-ray ("terahertz ray") technology, can see through people's clothes. The technology has been used by astronomers for some time to study stars, and recently somebody decided to test it on a woman's blouse. Ha, I just said blouse, I'm so old school. Anyways, you won't spot any boobage, but the camera can detect drugs, weapons and explosives from up to 25 meters away.

(T-ray) radiation is a form of low level energy emitted by all people and objects. These are able to pass through clothing, paper, ceramics and wood but are blocked by metal and water. The system works by collecting these waves and processing them to form an image which can reveal concealed objects.

So yeah, the systems are likely to be implemented in airports, subways, train stations, etc. God I'm depressed about this. I get a message in my inbox that reads "Camera that can see through clothing invented" and naturally I got pretty excited. Too bad it only sees in colored blobs. Someone give me a call when the actual T-T ray camera is invented.

Camera 'looks' through clothing
New Brit Security Camera Sees Through Clothes [therawfeed]

Thanks to Franco, who I forgive for the false hope, for the tip

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Excellent, we need more ionising radiation in everyday life.

They invented the real "T-T ray camera" years ago...I mean c'mon haven't you ever seen "Airplane" ?

Shades of Total Recall. You won't need the New Improved T-T Ray camera because we're all going to get sick of the long lines at the airport and just go naked. Scan THIS!

This isn't ionizing radiation. It's longer wavelength than visible. (

My point is, it's probably a bad idea to increase exposure to any type of radiation.

Not all radiation is bad, you vampire! Techincally, all the energy on the electromagnetic spectrum is radiation, just at different frequencies. This camera picks up on "invisible" "light"(also "radiation": gamma rays, x-rays, micro waves, and radio waves).

Anyway, don't ask me how I know this but there already is a camera which can see through tight clothes. Basically you set your camera to nightvision to pickup as much light as possible, then, you essentially filter out all the light reflected by clothes(you would notices that looking under your shirt, there is still light, because your skin is still reflecting through it, but the shirt drowns that light out) by litterally buying a filter and attaching it to your camera(you can look up what range. I believe ABC did a story on this years ago).

Since you need tight clothes, and the skin to be reflective, th beach is ideal.

There, you perverts! Now you know! (and yes I tried it, and it works almost perfectly)

T-ray is the most fancy word for "infrared" I've ever seen. Since the light is being emitted by ambient objects, it's infrared.

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