Feb 27 2008Hotel In Istanbul Being Built Underwater


While not the first underwater hotel, the one being built in Istanbul does promise some questionable views. The seven-story hotel is being built in the Istanbul Bosporus Straight, where the visibility underwater is allegedly only 10 feet. So you can forget about any view like that one in the picture! You won't be able to see shit. Well, except the pervert with an underwater camera snapping pictures of you. And yes, I agree, that sounds almost too romantic.

Underwater Hotels - Istanbul Says "Me Too!" [ohgizmo]

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Reader Comments

If they don't name it "Rapture Mark 1" I'll be sorely disappointed.

I guess all the perverts are going to be in their scuba gears
trying to get a peek at people having sex in their rooms.

It's more interested than scuba diving to see fish. Hey,
I have some scuba gear, where it this place again?

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Gives a whole new meaning to "sleeping with the fishes" eh?

Hey Geoff! You the Party guy! I'm not a voyeur but getting together with a bunch of yahoos to obnoxiously gather at the outside of a large window and make snarky comments sounds like a blast. Count me in.


Ha ha ha. The very first thing I thought of when I saw this picture was Bioshock. I think if they put a few cracks in the glass, throw some crazed psychopaths in there, maybe some flying robots and a big daddy, they'll make BANK!

Very cool. I hear that the one in Dubai is almost complete and costs over $300M to construct. Ah to be rich.

Here's some stuff on rich people can afford:


i really like your hotel somme day yi wish to stay here

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's cool.
how can we sleep without any wonder... he he
i think i want to build my bedroom like that..

OOOO MY GOSH geekologie how badass is this?!?!?

Bioshock anyone??

I think that's a great idea.

Thats some amazing place i would love to go therre :D

LOL imagine having sex with someone in that bedroom with all the fishes and/or scuba divers watching xD but man..it'll be great to stay there! :)

ya know...it makes me wonder how strong the glass is...like if i were staying there i would probably worry about the agressive sharks or whales >___>; or even the pressure from the water \/__\/...

I wonder... is the bathroom is surrounded by glass, too? This place will flop as soon as divers learn the unguarded areas.

An underwater hotel is simply putting deep sea view at its best. This istanbul hotel has to be one of the unique attractions for tourists coming here.

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