Sure, Why Not?: Philips Files Patent For Game Sytem With Throwable Monitor. Yes, Seriously.

February 12, 2008


Philips recently filed a patent for a video game system that includes a durable monitor that you can toss around as part of gameplay. WTF, you say? Indeed. The information included in the patent doesn't make much sense (although you can read it after the jump), so I'll just give you a breakdown based on the picture.

As you can see a man dressed as a woman dressed as a clown (198) throws the display (101) single-handedly in an arc, just missing the ceiling. At this time you roll out from behind a couch and stand there in the orthopedic boots your mom makes you wear (199). As the display (101) crashes to the ground you take aim at the image of a winged vampire carrying an olive branch (102) with the game system's included phallus (180). If your aim was true the console (103) sends wavey beams, otherwise known as IMGs, to the display's beam-receiver (105), letting it know you made a direct hit. The display (101) in turn sends more wavey waves back to the console (103) in the form of PROTs. The whole process is recorded via hidden webcam (150) and uploaded to the internet. I then download said video thinking it's going to be porn, but am disappointed when it's just two asshats playing some game where you throw a TV and try to shoot it.

I need one of these systems yesterday.

The patent description after the jump.

If one has at his disposition a robust display which can be thrown around, a whole new range of computer games can be designed. The electronic gaming system comprises: a robust, moveable display (101); a game controller(103), arranged to generate a game scenario, comprising generation of pictures to be displayed on the robust moveable display (101); and a trajectory mapping unit (105), arranged to map a virtual trajectory in space-time of a virtual world in the game scenario, with at least two of the pictures with unequal picture content corresponding to different locations of the virtual space-time trajectory, to a real trajectory of the robust moveable display (101) in real space, so that at an appropriate moment the two of the pictures are displayed on the robust moveable display (101).

throw your monitor at game opponents [technabob]

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