Feb 4 2008PlayStation 3 Ripoff: The PolyStation 3


British gadget reviewer Dr. Ashen recently took a look at the sweet new miniPolyStation 3. In case you really can't tell, it's a turd molded to look like a little PS3. You don't even plug the thing into a television, it's got it's only little screen that pops out. It's totally awesome and I want one for my upcoming birthday. Along with a lapdance -- from a chick (unlike last year) that's a non-relative (two years ago).

Worthwhile video review after the jump.

mini polystation 3 mocks playstation 3

Thanks to Zack, who is totally freaking awesome, for the tip

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Reader Comments

...another quick way to make a buck.

Why, oh why...?

Though I'll say it's not as amazing as the multi-console I made out of household appliances, and it's portable!! And by portable, I mean two people can carry it, but who cares...it plays all types of console games. It has a multi-disk reader (like a card reader for the camera cards), and a universal controller. The best thing is...it plays any console game...but I forgot to put the TV output, so you really just have to guess... I'll do better next time.

Woulda been cool like 20 years ago

i can just imagen the poor sap that thinks he got his son the PS3 and then gets a kick in the nads for presenting this

It's about damn time Dr. Ashens got posted on here! He's a genius... an evil genius!

what? ...Ashens is an idiot.

Oh my god that British guy is the most unoriginal, unsubtle and all round most pathetic person I've ever seen. I hate him so much. God, I just want to kill him.

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