Feb 22 2008Knitted Gas Mask Will Keep You Warm But Not Safe From A Chemical Attack


This nonfunctional knitted gas mask was made by skilled craftswoman teriyakimoto for a friend to keep warm on his bike commute to work. It looks good and has more style than a boring "bank robber" style mask. I, however, prefer the real deal. I wear a gas mask I picked up from the military surplus store just in case anybody decides to chemically attack me. I was going to get one for my girlfriend too but I didn't have enough money. No worries though, because like the boyscout motto goes, "she's a whore and doesn't deserve one."

Knit gas-mask hat [boingboing]

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Reader Comments

Haha, at first, without reading the title or anything (and seeing the picture slightly cut off chin down, I thought it was a bin Laden mask. I thought "yeah that'll go over really well." But alas, it is a gas knitted gas mask...Um, Yeah I don't see a great deal of use for this (but then again, I live in warm climate (today, winter = 72 degrees F).

Would be great at halloween to dress up as an aardvark

Does it come with a beard like on the model shown? Maybe I have to use frog hair.

I might have stayed in the boyscouts if we had shit like that in our handbooks.

"It looks good and has more style then a boring "bank robber" style mask."

Please for the love of god fix that error. This mistake is taking over the entire world. Then and than are two different words. Their meanings are NOT interchangeable. Learn basic grammar you retards! Spell check is not enough!

Oh wow. I really want one of those.

Would be great at halloween to dress up as an aardvark

When and where will these be available? I'll be the first to sign up for the waiting list.

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