Feb 11 2008Dubai Building World's Tallest Arch Bridge


They do things differently in Dubai. They like their stuff bigger, taller, and more expensive than anywhere else. So it only makes sense that construction of the world's tallest arch bridge begins next month. The bridge will peak at 670 feet, have 12 lanes of traffic, and handle up to 2,000 vehicles per hour. Scheduled completion is slated for 2012, after $817 million in construction. Nice, Dubai, nice. You may soon own almost every single Guinness World Record, but you won't own one -- world's biggest drinker. I own that one, and I won't give it up easily. As a matter of fact I already had a whole bottle of Jack Daniels for breakfast. Literally, the whole bottle, glass and all. It's gonna suck to pass, but I'll deal with that when the time comes.

World's tallest arch bridge being built in Dubai next month [dvice]

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The nice thing too, is that all their buildings look beautiful, instead of boxy pieces of concrete.

Just a bottle? I woke up at the crack of noon today with a case of Jim Beam and Jager. I just now stopped throwing up.

Oh, and all these big buildings make you wonder if they're compensating for something. Like the fact that it's an Arab country and they can't drink alcohol.

They should thank us for buying all that oil.

I cant wait for it to all dry up so they can get blasted to the f***ing sand ages again.

Well, they'll soon have another world record on their hands--site of the world's most suicides. Move out of the way, San Fran, Dubai is on it's way!

They're just trying to get the whole "WE ARREST PEOPLE FOR .001 G OF HASH" out of the headlines.

"12 lanes of traffic, and handle up to 2,000 vehicles per hour."

That's only 36 vehicles per minute... for a 12 lane bridge. They either anticipate very little demand for this bridge, or it's going to be very weak structurally.

...and by 36, I meant 33 vehicles along with a motorcycle. : /

I wonder where they will get all the labour to build it from? hmmmm...would it be local people contstruction workers and 18 year old labourers? hell no.. It will be people from South East Asia....because for 817 million..thats cheap..and when you build cheap..you need cheap sub-human labour with no labour law/human rights.


#7: Or they don't expect rush hours like in NYC, San Francisco, Orlando, Atlanta, etc. It's probably going to be tour buses and the few people that live there that will account for it.

Reminds me of the bridge they take in A.I. to the sexy city of sexiness. They just need giant feminine head sculptures deepthroating the bridge every so often.
That I would like to see.

I heard that Dubai actually only gets about 7% of it's income from oil.

"They should thank us for buying all that oil.

I cant wait for it to all dry up so they can get blasted to the f***ing sand ages again."

there's that tolerant american attitude that i have come to expect. GO USA - KILL KILL KILL ALL THE NON CHRISTIANS USA RULZ!!!

invade my country, and you can be damn sure that i will dedicate the rest of my life to killing you one by one until you pack up your shit and get the hell out. Lucky for me my country has no oil!

lol. silly arabs. they hate america because of our freedoms. bush said it. it must be a truedom.

...holy crap! is that a bridge? can you cross it? yes? ...well, isn't that kinda like what they do in america? ....oh, you're right ***KABOOM!*** oh noes! they blew up the bridge! tHe bridGe was a ISraeli sUpporTer!! ......huh? it was a jock strap? no! it was a slab of concrete, with a bunch of metal strands, made to look like a pair of frog ribs that stretches over this fake pond. it's beautiful.

dont forget about your internets and your googles!

i never knew that arabs are so hated like this :S .. and for what exactly?? .. 20 so called arabs hit the WTC and you hate the whole race ? that's racism ..

@16 read the Koran and you'll realize Arabs are hated for their beliefs that all that are not muslim SHALL BE KILLED. Now this being said that's only the extremists who just happen to be in control of entire countries like say Iran. Dubai is fine, they just want to be filthy rich and built big ass shit to show off which is why they're cool. You realize the murder rate of children by their parents is on a sharp rise around the world because daughters are 'hanging out' with non-muslim guys or sons who happen to be gay. Parents are actually killing their children because of this. Now I don't pretend to understand the inner workings of the muslim beliefs but that's a little much for me.


sorry, but you are reporting on an american enforced stereo type, and it is simply not true for the vast majority of muslims (and this is coming from me, and i'm half jewish half catholic!!)

the fact is that you get extremists and fundamentalists in most of the major religions - christianity probably being the worst (what is george bush?)

The more you continue to instill and breed hate - the more it will continue, but as americans, you know this, even though you managed to kill the majority of your indigenous people. oh well.

Big for the sake of big... nice design concept.

1. They're buying it. Not designing it or building it.

2. Jihad has been around alot longer than the USA and George Bush.

@18 did you not read the part where I said this is the beliefs of the extremists, I did not say this ia a muslim stereotype for ALL muslims. The problem being that a lot of what they believe to be absolute law harbors much hatred towards non muslims. Wether we breed hate into them or not the muslim faith is still based a lot on a hatred towards all that is not muslim. While Catholacism(sp?) had it's hatred hay day back during the crusades they didn't really have the ability to wipe out all other religions and faiths easily like is available today

Don't you mean you'll "Cross that bridge when you get to it" ?

Same remark as Arcturus, 2000 vehicles per hour on 12 lanes is ridiculously low.
800 vehicule per hour PER LANE is a common figure for a non-saturated road network.

if islam and extremists are so bad then why are they around for more than 1400 years ? .. and btw i am muslim and i read the koran alot .. and frankly i'm proud of it ,, but you calling extremists terorists is just unfair ! .. what about the crussaids ?? and palastine and the iraqi war ? america is only shutting up about those and speaking about somthing else to caver it up .. don't talk to me about how bad islam is .. islam is the most peaceful religion ever and you my friend are misinformed

boredom - if you think persecutions from christians was only around during the crusades, you are horribly wrong.

yes some extreme muslims do some horrible things, and yes, i dont agree with some of the basic principles of the VERY religious - but then I can say the same for any of the "big three"

all i'm saying is that comments degrading any specific religion or race, or demographic because of the actions of a few makes you part of the problem, and very far from the solution. speak to hitler - he thought he was doing people a favour by eradicating a "class" of people. I'm not sure about you, but that doesn't invoke a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.

@17 Had you taken your own advice and read the Koran, you would have seen that it says no such thing. Judaism and Christianity (among others) are given respect and protected status according to the Koran, even though God apparently may not be too keen on them joining the big party in the hereafter. As 'peoples of the Book', belonging to religions that--like Islam--trace their prophetic lineage through Moses and Abraham, Jews and Christians are considered kin of sorts to Muslims.

Of course, these statements are valid with respect to the Koran itself. Individual Muslims and various Muslim groups have as complex and varied relationships to their holy text as Christians and Jews have had to their own. There are likely those out there who do believe that all non-Muslims should be killed, just as there are Muslims I have met who believe all religions should live in peace and equality.

The more troubling thing to me is that religion is so frequently made the scapegoat of hostility between cultures when the far more significant issues are nationalism and economic instability.

y yalllll HATINNNNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnn?? Bccuz WE BALLLLinnnnn

you have to keep in mind, when refering to "cars", how many of those are camels and camel-pulled wagons......? with that in mind, 2000/hr is freakin amazing! as for all the muslim this, american that... f*** all of you. people are people, religion is dumb, governments are ALL corrupt, and anyone that is willing to die for a religion is as much an idiot as george wtf bush. god or alah and spirituality is what matters, not what "editors" deemed appropriate to put in "bibles" or the "koran". all religions start out with basic principals-dont steal, kill, lie, cheat,etc... forget the other crap and live a good life, thats all that matters.

This is great! Really. I'll make my own little contribution to the list soon

you guys. seriously. what in the fuck is wrong with you? you dont even know these people and you sit there and talk shit about them. who of the shit talkers has been to dubai and is actually educated about the matter? this isnt a fucking sports team that you root for, these are people. maybe youre just pissed that they have more money than you do. or maybe you just have a small penis. as for the people who are shit talking americans you can go fuck yourselves. your just jealous because your country isnt as good as mine. however, if you would like to come visit, i would be more than happy to show you around and maybe dispel some of the myths that you currently believe

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