Feb 15 2008Video: The Secret Life Of Cell Phones

This is a little CGI video of what your cell phone does when you're not around. Who would have thought that shit had aliens in it!? Not me. I mostly posted this video because it made me flashback to something similar that happened to me at a Cracker Barrel. There I was, tripping balls and trying my damndest to focus on the Country Ham Platter before me. But this particularly spry piece of ham kept trying to sneak his ass off the plate! I had to continually scold and stab him to keep him away from the edge. And even though I had my fork and knife on top of him he managed to dive to the floor when I was gone watching my face melt in the bathroom mirror.

UPDATE: Turns out that wasn't really a similar experience.

Unbelievable animation: close encounters of the desktop kind [dvice]

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So, "FAKE" is the new "FIRST" (or "FRIST")? Hooray...

Cool animation. Uh, that was animation, right? Wait my cell's ringing. Hello? What the hell are you? Put that 228 Space Modulator down! AARRGHHKJHJHT^UR^%$$%%##$#$@!

this is samsung's cell phone CG
korean model SCH-W300

I dunno if this is the secret life of a cell phone - I imagined a lil cell phone getting up and walking around on little legs or something...this is more like the Alien Ant Infiltration of Humankind via Cellphones.


about 4 years ago


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