Feb 14 2008Baltimore Cop Roughs Up/Screams At Kid And Is Caught On Video Via Cell Phone

Wow. Baltimore police officer Salvatore Rivieri goes off the deep end on a 14-year old skateboarding in a place he's not supposed to. It's pretty crazy. And by crazy I mean it looks like officer Rivieri may be roid raging. It was all caught on video via cellphone by one of the kid's friends. "Salvatore Rivieri, puts the boy in a headlock, pushes him to the ground, questions his upbringing, threatens to "smack" him and repeatedly accuses the youngster of showing disrespect because the youth refers to the officer as man and dude."

Obviously, your parents don't put a foot in your butt quite enough, because you don't understand the meaning of respect. First of all, you better learn how to speak. I'm not 'man.' I'm not 'dude,' I am Officer Rivieri. The sooner you learn that, the longer you are going to live in this world. Because you go around doing this kind of stuff and somebody is going to kill you.

The video ends when Salvatore finally notices the camera phone and says "You got that camera on? Cause if I find myself on Y...". Now I'm not totally sure what he was going to say right there, but if it was "outube I'll be suspended from the force", then he was right, because he was.

Baltimore Sun Article
Cop roughs up teenage skateboarder on video [boingboing]

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Evidently Baltimore PD has no physical fitness requirements. Also, their little cars are hilarious.

Amazing. This cop is something else.

He woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was looking to beat up on a tiny 14 year old...big man he is.

I saw this before in a poll about how people feel about such a situation, in case you want to...you can find it at: http://pollsb.com/polls/poll/6412/after-watching-this-video

Good post....great use of Salvatore's wonderful quotes. Also, the "roid rage" remark is so true. I guess you have to watch it to really understand

Old news and unfortunately I can't watch the video at work (and I actually do productive stuff at home)

however, I will say, in defense of the cop, those 14 year old skaters are freakin annoying. It takes everything I have to not run over them with my car when they're in the street while I'm trying to drive.

way to judge without even watching the video. tell me, does this tie go with this suit? I'm sure can tell without seeing it.

try watching the video, then defend the cop.

In defense of the cop?!?!?!?! He put the kid in a headlock!!! Saying dude is like saying please at a catholic's dinner table.

It's like he went up to the kids ahead of time and said, "Hey, does that cellphone have a camera? You wanna help me get kicked off the force? Cool. Let me just finish making some bullet points on things I need to say to make that happen. Should I say I'm on drugs? Nah."

McNulty wouldn't have done that. This cop is not good police, brother.

Obviously the cop has anger problems and shouldn't have treated the kid like that.

But, that little 14 year old is a little bitch and better watch his attitude or he's gonna have problems much worse than Officer Rivieri in his future.

And you wonder why people HATE COPS......

I've seen worse shit than that, but this is wrong!

Hey Trisha, I do everything I can not to run your ass off the road, you annoying little ignorant beotch.

Ummm.... why post this under gadgets? Error or something? The kid needs to respect the law... period. I don't think the cop was out of line at all!

Let's hope all the other fat Nazi pigs learn from this, we're all watching you with our phones fascists . Abuse your power and lose your job.

Seriously, if stuff like this is getting posted what's stopping Anticlown renaming the whole shebang "Hedonistica" and broadening the spectrum of content that can be pulled in?

This guy is a freak. This is why I hate dealing with cops. Police should be helpful and polite instead of trying to intimidate everyone they come into contact with.

Shouldn't defend anything here.

Shouldn't defend the kids... they shouldn't be skateboarding there

Shouldn't defend Riviera... he should be able to control himself better

Shouldn't defend Rivieras cute litte outfit either... wow, there is just no defense for that! Do all cops in Baltimore dress like that?

It's not just the outfit, what's with the Noddy cars?! I guess they feel the need to intimidate kids to make up for the car.

Heard the video clip and read the articles long before this hit this site

so yeah.. film yourself describing your tie and let me listen to the audio and i'm sure i could make a decision damn luddites

plus if you want to talk about ignorance, you're judging the whole situation on a couple minutes of cell phone footage. You don't know what happened ahead of the filming, unless you're taking the word of a 14 year old who took 6 months to post this online and is soaking up the attention.

Ok so I can't watch the vid at work either but I think I've seen this one before. THIS cop is an ass yes and should be fired. THAT kid skateboarding should be fined and be arrested next time he breaks the law Yes he was breaking the law. Not all cops are like this because it's no fun posting videos or reporting about the cops that save lives or help people on a daily basis. Yes these kids are VERY annoying and are breaking the law knowingly and most of the time try to be as much of an ass to the cops as possible that being said the cop should NEVER loose his cool.

I was so outraged by Officer Rivieri's behavior, I tried to find his police e-mail so I could, y'know, harass him like he did to that poor kid. Unfortunately, Baltimore P.D. isn't up on all that technology stuff, but I was able to find his home adress. I'm just posting the link, so I can't technically be held accountable for revealing this to the online masses, who may or may not make sure this guy's mailbox is full of free enzyte samples and gay pornography for the forseeable future.


Man oh man, that sucks. Now I know that in this world there are good cops and there are bad cops. The ratio of good to bad is perhaps 1:40 (at least), that I've dealt with or seen first hand dealings-with. True that the kid shouldn't have been skating there, but hell, kids gotta get their energies out somehow.

For the most part, I disrespect police and it's because of "model officers" like ex-officer Rivieri. He's not the first, and he won't be the last.

Now for all of you defending the cop, try having your kid put into a headlock, pushed to the ground and threatened...see how you like it. That's why people have to discipline their own kids and do it while they're young. Confucius/my father says: The tree that grows crooked, shall never straighten out.

I love the "...the sooner you learn that, the longer you're going to live in this world..." I don't know about you, but that's a death threat.

Nice tie luddites :p

#15: no one's taking the word of a 14 year old, they're taking the word of the video. I suggest you look up "ignorance." The kid who shot the video should go into journalism: candid, good filmography (given the limited equipment), and caught the event.

Don't misunderstand, I'm not defending either party, I am not in favor or either one, I am in a slight disfavor of the police officer, because he did abuse his power and gave into the roid rage. #15, you're not related to this cop are you?

Or better yet, #15, are you ex-officer Rivieri? If so, that'd make a lot of sense.

a) you said you didn't watch the video. you made no mention of having "heard" the video in your first post. beside which, hearing isn't the same as seeing.
b) you chose to defend the cop based on your driving experience. I really don't see how your driving abilities can define the persona of a police officer?

aren't cops supposed to be held to a higher standard than the rest of us? after all, if we thought they were allowed to do whatever they want, then we might want to reconsider giving them guns (or a whistle and funny shorts, in this guy's case). cops are supposed to handle "freakin annoying" people better than the rest of us.

"plus if you want to talk about ignorance, you're judging the whole situation on a couple minutes of cell phone footage."
what judgmental comment, about the cop/skater situation, did I make? all I said was that you should WATCH (not listen to) the video before passing judgement. And that statement still holds true.

@guate6 - thanks for the compliment on the tie. did you use ESP to judge it?

guate6, I am a mother to a boy and if he ever disrepects a cop, especially when getting caught doing something wrong, he's going to wish that he never left the house. That's the problem with children nowadays.. they aren't disciplined in the home but no one else is allowed to do it either. That whiny disrespectful lawbreaking 14 year old is not going to change unless someone sets him straight.

also.. I meant "taking the word of a 14 year old" in reference to what happened before the video was filmed. Watch the video all you want but it doesn't show you the events of what happened leading up to it.

Sounds like a few people are about ready to pull a 'Officer Rivieri' on Trisha. Lynch Mob Rules!

Bring it on :-)

well, I'm the father to a boy and a girl, so I guess I've got you beat. you implied that by having a child, you are better able to judge things than others on this board. well, I am therefore twice as good at judging as you are. I henceforth declare you to be wrong on all counts.

If my son is disrespectful to a police officer, I'll kick my sons ass (quite literally - foot in ass). but seeing that my children are disciplined in the home, it's not much of a concern.

But if I found out that a 190 lb cop (being generous with the estimate) with 17 years experience put my 110 lb, 14 year old son in a headlock, and then threw him to the ground, I'd go to the police station and pistol whip that cop.

If the officer felt threatened, then he should have cuffed the kid. Or called for backup before going over there. If he had a justifiable reason to put the kid in a headlock, then he should have followed it up by cuffing him.

I bet if the kid was black you'd be yelling "Rodney King" all over again.

Based on the logic provided by luddites that spawned from Trisha, I'm four times as responsable, because I'm a father of 3 males and 1 female.

Luddites: Something like ESP...I'm just that damn good.

I'm with Luddites on this one. That's why cops call backup, and that's why my father always taught me that in a hospital setting, you ALWAYS have to have a nurse or someone around. They serve the purpose of a witness in the case of circumstantial evidence (one's word against the other's). So the cop would have done better to call for backup, maybe he would have behaved a bit more proper in front of the other cop.

Either way, If some cop or authority ever laid a hand on my child, I'd want to pistol whip 'em too.

So, I'm sorry Trisha, but I still think you're Officer Rivieri.

: of course if it were my kid who was wrong, I'd discipline him/her myself, as they already know...but I needn't worry as I am of the opinion that one must start while they're young.

my god, damn luddites, you're right. I resign from posting today because I'm just some uneducated mother of ONE child and can't possibly know anything. That 14 year old kid walked away unharmed, and despite their claims that they filed a complaint as of right now no proof of that has surfaced. This happened in the summer of last year, they obviously felt so strongly about the way the cop acted that they took the proper course of action. I always file my complaints by posting videos on youtube.

I think the worst part of this is the wasted money of Baltimore City tax payers who pay this cop's salary while living in a city with one of the worst crime rates in the country. Sure the kid was an ass and was skateboarding where he wasn't supposed to. That should warrant maybe 30 seconds of that officer's time. During the half hour that this juiced-up child-molester/cop was harassing that 14 year old, 3 people were shot, 5 stores got robbed, 15 cars were stolen, and about 8 old ladies got hit by buses trying to cross the street alone (don't ask me where I get my stats, but trust me, they're accurate, I used to live in Bmore).

glad to hear you admit that you're wrong, uneducated, and can't possibly know anything. but you said "their claims that they filed a complaint". what article did you read? cause the one linked said "Clifford said the boy never made an official complaint to the Police Department and that Rivieri has no other citizen complaints in his file." oh wait, is that one more thing that you're wrong about today? better quit while you're behind.

"Santo said they were originally going to post the video right after the incident but decided to wait because Bush's mother filed a complaint with police. Santo misplaced the video for months but recently found it."


i know, shocking, that someone as uneducated as me could possibly find numerous articles and read up on something before talking about it.

Be happy because I'm out. I'm off to do all those things unedumacated people do. That is, when they're not posting comments on geekologie.

actually TRISHA... skaters aren't allowed on the sidewalk for the same reason bikes aren't... and you AS A DRIVER, are supposed to treat them like a vehicle.

meaning, go ahead and run one over and then see what happens in court

Trisha, regarding the complaint. you said "as of right now no proof of that [filing the complaint] has surfaced". well, the article that you cited was published today. wouldn't that constitute the "proof" you were after? or do you mean that because the article from 2 days ago said that no complaints were filed, then the article from today must be wrong. do I need to explain chronology to you?

have fun on your errands. and try to not to run over any freakin annoying skaters.

Back in the 70's, our president taught us that it's only illegal if you get caught. That's the idea these kids were operating under.

Silly kids!

This is the era of Bush, and today our president teaches us that I HAVE AUTHORITY AND THEREFORE I WILL KICK YOUR ASS. (and where did this authority come from? the constitution? the will of the people?) I HAVE AUTHORITY BECAUSE I SAY SO AND ANYONE WHO TALKS BACK AT ME IS A TRAITOR THAT I SHOULD ASSAULT/TORTURE/KILL. I AM A DEVOUT CHRISTIAN.

Trisha (for whenever you return from your unedumacated people errands)

The kid was skateboarding (OMG NOOO)

He was put in to a headlock by a fat ass cop.

If that were your kid, you'd be screaming bloody Trisha by now...

That cop was WAY out of line and he KNEW IT when he realized he was being filmed.

My goodness.. this is the day of assumptions? I really should just stop coming here but it's so addicting!

Who said I had to run errands? Am I a stay at home mom? Because I said I drive a car and I'm a mom? Want my job title? It's probably nicer than yours. Would you like me to link you to pictures of me and what my life is like? Why don't I just give you my cell and we can do this discussion over the phone.

The police station states no complaints have been reported (taken from a statement released from them... need a link to that too?) however the 14 year old boy claims they were. Something to keep in mind when it comes to believing the 14 year old in his statements that he didn't do anything wrong. Maybe his mother didn't feel filing a report was necessary but now is changing her tune since this is suddenly a huge deal and they're turning into local celebrities.

I've wasted too much time on this site already, although as my coworker stated (because I have a job and don't have time to run errands during the day), this is the most comments ANY article on here has ever had so kudos to everyone.

I blame the Baltimore Police Dept for these kids lack of respect for the officer. I'd be hard pressed to give respect to anyone in a polo and gym shorts inspired by Richard Simons. Especially if they pulled up in a golf cart.

Don't try title fighting, it wont get you anywhere (believe me, because I could give a shit what you do in your daily life.)

Back to the point. Who cares who complained first? The point is the cop was a COMPLETE ASSHOLE to this kid and the video proves it.

Arguing on the Internet is like running in the Special Olympics...

I for one loved this video. I support the cop

They really could've avoided all this drama if the cop had just shot the kid dead. Skaters suck.

Wow Roger Clemens looks pissed even more proof he's roiding.

Wow Roger Clemens looks pissed even more proof he's roiding.

Everyone knows kids at that age are pretty much disrespectful punks. It does not take much for these kids to irritate short tempered adults and they know it. That is why they keep doing it.
The Officer should not carry on with them on his own, he should have called in Optimus Prime or something the kids could relate with. Either that or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
I can't help but laugh at his little car, though :)

You know what the problem is with Trishas today? They're all stupid cunts.

take his badge. take his pension. take his career. take his name out, so he'll never find a job again: R-I-V-I-E-R-I. that's the asshole acting like he's on a TV show, being the rough whatever super-cop-dude in beach shorts. that dude abused (that's right: abused) a CHILD for his ego-tripping. disrespect, mr rivieri? you bet.

44 comments and no one mentions Farva?

oh, and trisha, just to let you know: two kids. if they ever disrespect an officer, I'll tell them not to. if they ever disrespect an officer like this, I'll clap my hands. because it means they saw the difference between authority and authoritarian. and chose to respect the right one of the two.

We already know what they were doing before he came along. Skateboarding on the sidewalk. We catch the video right from where the guy starts talking to the kids. The first thing he does is repeat what he said for the kid with the headphones in (idiot). "You're not allowed to ride your skateboards here." That was what they did wrong, well, along with being defensive (how he thinks they are being defensive during the dialogue, "Can you HEAR ME?!" "Yes" "Don't get defensive with me SON. You'll spend some time in Juvenile." is beyond me.) Then, the kid interrupted the cop. I can see why assault would be a reasonable response to an interruption.

I can't imagine what Rivieri was like giving out parking tickets. He probably smashed people's windshields as he put the tickets on their cars. Damn people not putting enough money in their meters. Kill 'em all. Those skateboards and their outdoors leisure activities/ sports, might as well kill them and those damn bicyclists, and those stupid arrogant rollerbladers too. Anyone doing any kind of outdoor activity really.

Trisha, I'm very sorry to hear about your kid. I hope that you don't beat it too much, I hear that causes brain damage, and leads to drug abuse and distant familial relationships.

@ trisha:

"You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts."
The boy, Eric Bush, states quite clearly that he was "100% wrong." You made up the entire line about how he wasn't wrong, and that therefore everything he says is suspect to belief.

As I pointed out in my earlier post, you are aping our president in creating falsehoods & lies as a way to defend abuse of power. This is the attitude that justifies torture.

Teenagers are going to act like teenagers. 30some-year-olds who act like teenagers, and who have firearms, are a danger to society. The Baltimore Police made the right move in suspending him. A "time out" for the grown-up who acts like a little kid.

A quick google search shows that in the Baltimore area, there are a grand total of two skateparks for skateboarding. If these are in inconvenient locations for these 14 year olds to get to, where on Earth can they skate? A better life lesson learned here for these kids is that the world is going to kick you around if you don't stand up for yourself. They could have easily left and came back with their parents and a couple real cops. The only thing I agree with Trisha on is that it took far too long for any action. I can't feel any remorse for this cop, because I know that cops can be very respectful and nice. A simple, "Hey kids, hate to do this to you, but, you really aren't allowed to skate around here, sorry." Would have gotten the kids to leave without any drama. Treat kids like jerks, and they mirror it.

@50: Fact is, there aren't enough skateparks ANYWHERE, and besides that fact, skating parks is a completely different experience from skating street. I've been hassled by my share of cops while skating over the years, and handling them politely usually results in no conflict. But occasionally you do get a bastard like Rivieri who gets his panties in a bunch over the most trivial shit, and you just gotta take your lumps like everybody else.

Glad to see someone finally go down for it, and kudos to the kid filming to be able to do it discreetly for so long.

what a dick hole! officer Rivieri must get raging hard-ons from making people respect his authority

I'm all for going old school on kids who talk shit all the time, but that was a little over the line. I'm sure the kid was lipping the officer before it even got recorded, or I can only assume so. He looked like he was just trying to scare the kid straight, but went too far.

f*** you the authority

skateboard is not a crime.

+ respect their skaters.

im sorry ofences.

it is not a justice

it is a crazy , mad , insane.

cop : "you're not allowed to skateboard here! please leave the area, or i will have to fine you, or worse"

kid: " ok dude."

I think my parents would laugh if I called a cop 'dude', as long as I didn't get a ticket. Skateboarding is a victim less crime. The kids are just blowing off steam. Police should be a role model in our society. Haven't we learned anything from Rodney King?

hahahahahaha. i must say, these conversations kept me amused for quite sometime with all of the witty remarks.

ok. new flash trisa: no on likes you. and if your job is so uber important, then dont you have anything better to do than sit here and argue and keep checking this site to see the latest responses to what you have said? wow. can you tell me what job you have? id like to go into that profession- one where i can sit all day and keep checking this thing. it must not be very busy.. sounds good. but when you were showing everyone up with your job title you failed to do something.. oh thats right, actually state what your job title is.

anyways. i mean trisha if youd like to respond, thats cool, but dont get mad if i dont reply to yours because ill actually be off living the life i have, not checking this on an hourly basis.

oh p.s. the cop=out of line.

Oh...it qualifies to be posted on geekologie, because it involved a camera phone.

Trisha sucks, her kid will end up in jail.

If Trisha is really Rivieri, then he will end up in jail or worse.

And remember folks...don't do drugs.


OMFG....what a complete asshole, and a coward to boot.

jesus! i stopped reading posts after 40....

so - i'm the father of no children, so i guess you can ignore what i have to say, except for the fact that i was also 14, also a skateboarder (i still try at 31), and also gave my fair share of lip to anybody that had some kind of authority hang up. Isn't that what being a teenager is about? it certainly was for me. Hey, and guess what, i didn't turn out so bad. I'm successful (whatever that means), have friends, have family, have pets, have a garden...in other words, somehow i turned into what i didn't really like so much when i was 14. I grew up (sort of).

cop was wrong? who knows, i had cops and security treating me like that too...i didn't whine about it and post it on youtube (but i may have if there was a youtube :) point is, the kid will live, and he'll have a story to tell.

all the "grown ups" that have a lot to say, stop and think for a minute - don't you wish you were 14 again? i do.

Alright, as someone who was serially abused as a child, I can say all of you that seem to relish beating the crap out of your children are horrible people. There are more creative and effective methods of discipline. If you have to take your anger out on someone who is not only not as powerful as you, but dependent on you for their upbringing, you're a horrible person. Also, a child is no more an extension of yourself than you are of your parents.

Secondly, f*** the police. They are to be held to a higher standard, and being able to get away with anything because "their the law" is stupid. A cop assaulting a kid is not justified because he's an officer. If a man assaults a kid it's illegal, but when a cop does it it's okay? This is the same kind of mentality that let deputies throw paraplegics out of their wheelchairs.


Oh, and just because you don't like skaters doesn't mean it's okay to assault them. I don't like vegans, but that doesn't mean I go out of my way to hit them with my car or something. Skateboarding is a victim-less crime.

This reminds me of the good ol' Hedonistica days. Been a long time since the comments numbered above a dozen.

You know it's the right choice, webmaster-types. Do it.

This is why I support the right to bear arms. Because otherwise only assholes like this would have guns.

I'm a Senior Financial Products Policy Analyst for a very well known (worldwide) insurance broker.

Come get a job if you want, although there's only one team in the US for this company that does what we do and seeing how you don't like me you probably wouldn't like working in the same office as me.

p.s. this might blow your mind, but I actually get paid breaks through out the day.


Just wanted to say that #13 is the only sane person here.

trisha you should cut your loses and stop posting on this thread...

(1) Trisha is a Nazi and I hate her (2) I want Brave Sir Robin and damn luddites for attorneys if I ever need one (3) 14 year olds test limits - it's what they do - they're 14. Those boys were out getting excercise, enjoying a pretty day and not only should that "cop" have just told them to go somewhere else and left it at that, he should have not said anything in the first place. The law is to protect children from getting hurt from skateboarding in an unsafe area and since the law is posted, it protects people from liability when the kids disobey.

Not only did that slob fail to support the intent of the law, he assaulted children. Cops suck.

Whoever up there said good cop to bad cop ratio is 1:40 is being generous.

I'm a 14 year old and i skate a little,and i think this kid was out of line and a douche bag. He was like "yeah i hear you" in a fresh way and he's like "I don't have a father" what a dumb ass, you should never say that to a f***ing cop that looks like he's on roids(no matter how goofy or Guido looking he is). The cop was right about how he would have more problems in the future if he kept acting smart.The kid should have listened to his friends and just not talked back,and he just should have skated somewhere else. But the cop was also out of line. This cop is probably 3 times the kid's age and he looks mad intimidating. The kid showed no physical threat to the cop and still the cop decided to put this kid in a f***ing head lock. So what if the kid didn't want to give him his skateboard that doesn't mean u should beat up a kid that's younger and smaller than you! and the way he threatened to smack him was totally out of line! Plus, so what if he kept calling him dude for us kids it's a sign of respect and plus we call alot of people dude and they don't f***ing flip out. This man knows better and he shouldn't have done what he did to the kid and the kid also should have known better not to talk back and to listen to the good advice his friends were giving to him. This cop should have been more professional about it and the kid should have just left easy as that. I would do that. If i ever become a cop i would watch out for kids or anyone being taken advantage of.

trisha is such a joke. firstly, that job does not exist, I work in the industry she's talking about and what she is saying is bullcrap. secondly, all jobs similar (i.e. the ones with two or three buzzwords in them not just all the ones she could think of in one go) require workers who a) have intelligence, b) don't have time to post stupid arrogant messages on the internet and c) do their job rather than taking break every hour to check their responses.

in case you're stupidly thinking of retorting that I'm doing the same thing as you, firstly I'm not, I'm writing ONE message, not a shitload like you pathetic loser, and secondly, i'm doing this in my lunchbreak and it's taken me all of three minutes. don't think the ftse is gonna crash too hard from that, darling.

by the way, umm.. we all get paid breaks, moron. it's standard procedure. the people at macdonalds and footlocker get paid breaks. jesus how pleased with yourself can you get?! Woohoo, I get to wear shoes to work! I must be better than other people!

Grow up, go get a real job, stop boasting to strangers about lies you made up, and maybe you'll have a nice life.



I guess he made up his job too

I don't know him personally... I live in a different state. But yeah.. policy analysts do exist. He's not finpro though. Financial Products = FINPRO if you couldn't figure it out.


for something a bit more recent

D&O is a finpro coverage line.

but you're right.. I completely made up everything. I don't even have a child. I'm pretty sure I'm not even here right now.

and the comment about my paid breaks was sarcastic because people couldn't understand how I could be checking back here if I actually had a decent job. Duh.. I come on at breaks.

I think my favorite part about this thread is aside from me saying my job title is probably better than someone's, I have not insulted anyone personally. Yet it's been said about me that I'm a cunt, that I'm a ignorant bitch, that my child probably suffers from abuse, that my child is going to end up in jail, umm.. oh geez...what else. Who knows.. i haven't even read all the comments. Trust me... you guys doing that speaks volumes about yourselves. Only the stupid throw around insults and that's because they have nothing better to say.

Don't worry.. I think I've had enough fun here. At least in this thread.

@brian - dude, i'm shocked that you typed out that whole message in long format, with very little (if any) grammatical errors - you sure you're 14?

I completely disagree with Trisha.

Rivieri, you have minions!!!

You don't need earthly mushrooms to see this for what it is:
Another psychopath teaching children how to behave...

Where's the love?
I've been threatened just like that from an older peer once, and he smacked me in the face and pulled me by my hair to follow him to his apartment. He threatened to call the cops because I and some friends were pranking outside where he live. My friends ran away when he came running to catch us, but I was the one who got cought. Years later he's been in jail for sexually abusing his much younger cousin since he was 8. The cousin telled his mother when he became 12 and then this Dude was locked up for some years. He's out now and looking, shouting and acting just like Officer Rivieri once again...
This worries me! Don't ever give psychopaths a badge. They' ve obviuosly never heard of the Emperor's new clothes... Living in an illusion where everyone else, and often much younger, has to pay for their fears, guilt and shame. Obama is a cousin to Bush by the way, and a whore at the CFR. No hope for America.. thought I certainly wish it was!!


Bush and Obama are 9th cousins. That means that they had a great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparent in common. Or, assuming that the average age of each parent in question was 27 (sometimes a child is born when the parent is 17, but sometimes it might be the 8th child, at age 35, so 27 seems like a nice random number), that means that sometime over 270 years before GW was born, there was a common ancestor. Yeah, they're real close. I'm sure they get together at family reunions all the time.

trisha is so funny! she replies immediately to people's posts to prove that she doesn't care! yeah right!

i agree with #69, it's funny because in the links trisha adds she totally shoots herself in the foot - expecially the link to a total stranger who has a proper job with only two of the buzzwords like 69 said, which is claerly not the job she said she had herself, highlighting how much she is exaggerating her own title. hahaha. and then she tries to sound clever by explaining what finpro is but she gets it wrong, and posts a link explaining the correct answer! ahahahaaaaa what a loser.

i think it's sad that people like trisha feel the need to prove themselves to total strangers. does she not have anybody at work to prove herself to? oh wait yeah she prolly just makes coffee and photocopies stuff.

she's cute for trying though :)

You know... I don't know about Baltimore, but I've been pulled over multiple times, put in the drunk tank at least 20 times, and have been arrested for other reasons and I find that I deal with more good cops then bad. I'm not saying they are smiling and are happy, but they simply just did their job and never went over the line. I have only met a few asshole cops that obviously were shitheads in high school and decided to become cops so they could continue to bully people. If you co-operate and are respectful, you don't get touched. This cop on the other hand, is a dickfaced douche-nut. I hope he gets raped by rosy o donnell with a strap on

Two things I hate: Shithead Cops and Shithead Teenage Skateboarders (or skateboraders in general, unless they get paid for it. Then I suppose it's alright)

Personally they both got what they deserved. Dickhead cop gets suspended for acting like a moron and getting caught on tape. Shithead skateboarders gets smacked around by a cop and embarrassed in front of his friends. THey were both acting like children, so I suppose the skateboarder has an egde there since he is a child (not a small child however and certainly one who knows when he is breaking the law, and more than likely was being a little prick up until the moment he realized the cop wasn;t f***ign around)

If anyone feels bad for either one of these assholes then you're the problem. People should be willing to acknowledge when all peopel are being stupid instead of choosing side based on their own unrelated bullshit. Breaking a reasonable law simply because you want to engage in your bullshit hobby is not acceptable. Harrassing teenagers simply because you are having a shit day is also not acceptable. This video is a testament of stupidity in action. The only winner is the kid who was quick enough and stealth enough to shoot this thing. I dont really liek the idea that almost everyone walking down the street has the ability to film anything they wish. That added to the ever increasing federal and state level 24 hr surveillance makes me very scared. but at least it can be used to point out two things i hold dear to my heart and above all else. : F*** The Police and F*** Teenagers. Two groups of people who generally have their heads up their asses.

i'm agreeing with #73 on this.

the kids shouldn't have been there but the cop overreacted.

compensating for that teeny tiny ride, i'd imagine.

We need more cops like Rivieri to beat down on annoying kids like that.

Trisha and Damn Luddites: y'all are TOO funny. I think you'd make a nice couple.
Anyone who even remotely defends the actions of this rogue neanderthal cop is brain-damaged. Not only did he assault this kid, Eric Bush, but another complaint has been filed by a 17-yr-old, and then there is the 2nd video starring soon-to-be-ex-Officer Rivieri, kicking a dude's remote controlled car for no reason whatsoever.
This cop should lose his badge, his benefits, and his freedom!

This man looks like he has some kind of psychiatric problem. Giving him the sack would probably be a kindness- he is obviously bitter and hates his job, which would partially explain his anger. Riding around in something that looks like it should come free with a Happy Meal isn't going to improve his temper either. The boy shouldn't have been skating there, granted, and should have addressed the policeman as 'Officer', but that hardly warrants being mauled in such a way. What happened to 'Protect and Serve'? The poor kid looked scared to death, so bullying him isn't going to inspire him or his friends to respect the police in the future, and I doubt that the thousands of young people who have watched this video on Youtube will either. This is exactly the kind of incident that contributes to poor relationships between police and populations all over the world. The only way to start mending this is to get rid of Officer Rivieri, and get him some help.
And is it just me, or does "the sooner you learn that, the longer you're going to live in this world" sound like a threat?

I cheered when I read he was suspended. He's a KID, and yes while he should learn respect that didn't exactly show he deserved it :P I call people "dude" out of habit whne I'm I duno.. scared shitless.

Suspended? what a F%#$ing ripp off. im in a military unit with our own military police, policing the area up here in canada. if any one of us or our MPs does anything remotly liek that its stripped of uniform, rank, everything and very possibly stockade.
wow,,, i'm like,, shocked. i though i got treated like shit because i was a teenager which i was a teenager.
this guys clearly blowing some one for his job. or like the poor kid cried during the interrigation with his higher respects.
good luck to all you all out there.

Cool story bros!

If i over viewed it right, no one likes Trisha. Same here. This Cop is such an ass.
@Anon: see you on /b/

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