Jan 9 2008Woven Carbon Fiber Bike Frame Is Light


The Delta 7 Sports Arantix Mountain Bike features an IsoTruss carbon fiber frame. What the hell is that you ask? Well it's a frame made of hand-woven carbon fiber strands that are then wrapped in Kevlar and baked. Each one has over 1,672 feet of carbon fiber and takes over 300 hours to build. The resulting pyramidal structure of the frame makes it not only rugged but light -- a measly 2.75 pounds. Which is pretty light. You can get the whole bike for around $12,000 or just the frame for $7,000, but act quick if you want one, because they're only making 200 of them in 2008 due to the time intensive production. I'd totally get one but someone would steal it. My last bike got stolen off the carport and it was a $5 bike from the thriftstore. So I went and got another $10 one and have it sitting out there for the taking. Except this one has a frame packed with dynamite and a remote activator.

Tiny Carbon Fiber Pyramids Used For Lighter & Stronger Bike Frames [ohgizmo]

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No way!

It's real. My friend has two of these and he's had them for 3 years!

This is not at all fake (I've seen it at 3 bike trade shows at least over the last 2 years) and its not that impressive. There are many many LIGHTER mountain bike frames out there today that cost half as much are twice as strong and built using conventional methods.

This frame seems to surface on tech sites when there's not a lot going on.

Isotruss=slow news day.

you people are soo funny. I randomly post the word FAKE, and you get all worked up about it. always writing how you know it's real, and your friend has had one for years, and blah, blah, blah.

guess I should have said "first" instead?

nope thats fake

I'm with #3. Plenty of full carbon frame bikes have frames that are lighter, like the Trek Madone series has OCLV Red Carbon frames, which are full carbon and very nice. Cannondale, Scott, Fuji, and many others have frames that weight as much, and are lighter than this frame.

I admit that the engineering that went into it looks cool...I've not seen another frame like this, but for practical purposes...well, there aren't many that supersede the current bikes.

horizontal dropouts? if that shit cant be fixed i don't give a f***. >.>

I had these ideas on structure frames a while ago...try middle school when I started working on those toothpick bridge building contest.
But its cool to see someone put this elementary idea to work.
Nice to look still !

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