Jan 15 2008Vacuum Has UV Light Underneath To Kill Stuff


Available from Hammacher Schlemmer (pronounced ham sandwich smeller) the Germ-Eliminating Upright Vacuum has a UV-C light in its base to zap stuff dead as you roll over it. The unit costs $500 and the bulb is rated for 8,000 hours of use, which is a whole lot of vacuuming. I hope when I'm dying I don't look back on my life and realize I spent 8,000 precious hours vacuuming. That would depress me. Seeing how the device is advertised as "the only upright vacuum that has a built-in 35-watt UV-C light in its base that eliminates..." really makes me wonder if this UV-C light is a good idea. And if it is then why is Haymaker Slummer the only one selling it? It's like being the only kid on the block selling lemonade made with urine. It's not always a good idea to be an innovator. But who knows, maybe sucking just isn't enough sometimes.

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Thanks to Melissa, who has seen some pretty wack movies in her time, for the tip

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i wanna cum on ur titties

wow - did you see that movie too?

they also sell them in bed bath and beyyooonnnddd and best buy. it actually works pretty well.

Yeah, they sell them at Best Buy and are loud as shit! The UV light better kill stuff, because they don't suck up anything!

we are at the point where we should build ceilings out of UV lights....and then we could be getting a 24 dose of killing everything....
or they should make a watch that holds 1 oz. of hand sanitizer, so that way you are never more than 6 inches away from being sterile...


Hahahaha, you make me laugh Geekologie. Keep it up.

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