Jan 7 2008Tomy Robot Is Pretty Cool, Shoots Arrows


The i-SOBOT from Tomy is a handsome little programmable robot that costs $200. He stands 6.5" tall and has 200 pre-programmed moves that you can string together to make him dance, shoot a bow, etc. He can even talk (a little) thanks to his 200 word and phrase databank. They should have called him the i-200 seeing how that seems to be his magic number. There's a video after the jump you should watch of the awesome little guy shooting his bow and arrow. And I must say, I like his style. He shoots like I do -- without looking. Sure I've hit a couple assistants in the face during my stunt spectacular at the county fair, but who cares about them. You shouldn't volunteer to be an assistant if you don't understand the risk involved. It's not like I said I was an excellent marksman or anything, I just said I was going to attempt to shoot an apple off someone's head. I reckon I could have mentioned I'd never shot a bow before.

Another picture and a video of the awesome little friend of mine after the jump.


tomy i-sobot shoots an arrow straight through my heart [technabob]

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Reader Comments

It's about time.

I've grown so weary of shooting people with arrows myself. If cruise control can drive my car, it's about time we have an arrow-shooting robot to free up my time.

wow... it really looks cool...

although i must say his motors are a bit noisy >_<

hope they can fix that next upgrade

He's like the Robin Hood of Robots!!!!

Is it...lethal???

Great... yet another toy my nephew can shoot me in the f***ing eye with at Christmas.

This is what went through my head while watching this.

"I-SOBOT preparing to fire arrow. I-SOBOT readying arrow. I-SOBOT notching arrow. I-SOBOT pulling back bowstring. I-SOBOT firing arrow. I-SOBOT arrow firing completed."

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