Jan 16 2008Make Documents Real Official: Sign In Blood


At first I wasn't going to post this because blood and syringes give me the heebie-jeebies, but I decided to anyways because it'll make me stronger. Bob Partington designed the blood pen that, using a syringe and little motor, writes in blood. Pretty gross huh? I think so. You know there's a word used to describe a weirdo like Bob, and that word is sick bastard. Sure I've signed contracts in blood before, but those were with the devil. And I'm reneging anyways. Like I'd really trade my soul for a box of Triscuits and can of spray cheese. Get real devil.

A video of the action, including drawing blood, after the jump. Heads up: It's nasty.

The Blood Pen: Sign checks in style [geeksaresexy]

thanks to Matthew, whose heart pumps gold and diamonds instead of blood, for the tip

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They need to keep a close eye on this guy. Extremely creepy

Err a wonderful example of an over designed machine - you know a normal reservoir type refillable fountain pen writes perfectly in blood without problems and alot cleaner than that does? I've tested it myself. You just have to make sure you clean it out when you stop or it clots and blocks up the pen.

yes, very creepy. look at that! he spills half the blood and his writing looks like... "I'm *blob* writng *blob blob* with a big *blob*clumsy thing."

@ Darkedge,

first, thats pretty weird that you've tried it. Well dont though, means your blood is worth as much as ink to you. But let me just say that i doubt this is supposed to be a mass produced product.

also, if this is supposed sign documents to certify that its you, then it does the job, from the syringe straight to paper, but if you have to put it in a refillable reservoir, that just means a) you waste blood, and b) there are oppertunities where you can switch reservoirs, making a document void, bla bla bla.

Another one, #2! How many of these sickos exist?

Sort of interesting idea, even if it's a bit gross, but the execution here is poor. Why does he need this stupid motorized device to expel the blood? He could have done just as well writing with the tip of the syringe needle.

It would nullify all documents. Any red writing on a legal document would nullify it. Scott Stapp of Creed thought it would be "Cool" if he made the whole band sign their first record deal in blood to signify the event... The lawyers for the label rejected it and made them sign a new one.

i Think its fake. You see him take it from the cotton but not instert it. it could all be special effects. thats my theory thought.

It's the same text over and over again: 'All woOO and no OOay makes jOOk a dull boO'

Although this could very well be fake, it's still pretty sick, and there will be at least one person who will try this.

It doesn't even work that well.

Has no one noticed how HE'S MARRIED!?
Now THATS creepy.

It looks like maybe our friend is a writer for CSI--where he stole that blood from.

If that's not cornsyrup and food coloring, I'm the f***ing pope.

Brilliant idea--let's make an object that sprays blood. Hmm, what shall we call it? I know! We'll call it The AIDs Gun! Just aim for the eyes...

oy vey.

Did no one else get the similarity to Side Show Bob from the Simpsons when he was writing the death threats to bart from Jail in blood. Half way through his latest list he passes out from blood loss and Snake tells him to just use a damn pen. That was a hilarious episode. Ahhhhh, that entertained me.

ahhhhhahahahahaahahah what a twat!

sure ive seen many weird ass inventions before.. but this... this is by far just the most stupid thing anyone could invent...

Does this remind anyone else of Harry Potter, or is that just me being the nerd I am?

I agree, weird guy, useless device. It's almost like the Carpathian Dragons from BloodRayne, but for writing instead of shooting. While I'll agree that what #2 did is sick, he is right, you can theoretically do it that way.

stupid idea, all fake!

unless this guy is a true junkie, he might have a pretty hard time drawing up his own blood especially with a syringe. and common a 22 gauge needle ? only if he wants to f*** up his vein. so now that we know it's not "real" blood, what the f*** is the point of using red ink, a very messy red ink, and writing with a pen that weighs like a brick.

what a moron

jules ( an R.N. who knows a thing or two about blood)

now where the hell am I supposed to get the flesh paper to go with that??????

This is great! and now to market to Hollywood producers to their next devil's Advocate movie or 13 ghost movis. the world has provided the new tech for contracts. no more forgeries just check penmanship and DNA.
LOL dont you see the genius behind it? I do it's awesome

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