Jan 29 2008E-Paper Slap Bracelet: Not As Dangerous As Its Predecessor, Which Was Really Dangerous


The Chocolate Agency, which sadly has absolutely nothing to do with delicious cocoa, has designed the conceptual E-Paper Slap Bracelet. It's an MP4 player in which the entire surface acts as a thin, high contrast and energy efficient screen. As an added bonus it needs no charging -- it's powered by the kinetic energy produced by moving your arm. Say, did you know when slap bracelets first came out they were just a piece of rusty metal covered in plastic or cloth? Yeah, me neither, well at least not until the lockjaw set in.

Another conceptual picture after the jump.


E-Paper slap bracelets - carry books, pics, and videos on your wrist [sparkingtech]

Thanks to Melissa, who is not conceptual but rather a real-life, beautiful woman, for the tip

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Reader Comments

F***in RIP Hedonistica.

Isn't this a repost? Or did I just see it on Swongled first, like a week ago?

Still, cool stuff!

why is this even worthy of notice? It's not a product, it's not even existing technology, it's a freakin' "concept", which just means it's an idea that someone made a CGI graphic of.

Hell, I could CGI a square building and say "it's a concept fusion reactor". There, I've solved the worlds energy needs...in concept.

In junior high school slap bracelets were weapons thus I'm still scared of slap bracelets, no matter if they are MP4 players or not.

Hi, I would appreciate if you could spell the name of the site where you got this correctly (that would be my site). It would also be awfully nice of you to have the link to my blog appear in the home page version of your post (like most blogs do to give respect where it is due). Thank you, Alex.

@5 Or how about just taking this stupid article off the page so that douchebags who complain about free advertising don't get thier panties in a wad over the fact that there is merely a link to the place geekologie found it instead of a direct link to the site.

F*** Geekologie - -
I'm doing all my gadget surfing on Sparktaching
It's way cooler!!



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