Jan 3 2008Caffeine Soap Wakes You Up In The Shower


Well I've known about caffeinated soap for a little while now, but since this tip comes from a very trustworthy source, I'll assume there are many of you out there that haven't. Shower Shock is soap with caffeine in it. You rub it all over that sexy naked body of yours, and next thing you know, BOOM, you're wide awake. Simple as that. Each 4 oz bar has approximately 12 200mg caffeine servings. One bar costs $7 but price decreases the more you buy, down to $38 for ten bars. They come with a warning not to eat them, which is ridiculous, because who the hell would eat a bar of soap anyways (you excluded)? However they don't come with a warning about not jamming four bars up your ass, which is what I did. I haven't slept since '06.

Thinkgeek Product Page

thanks to Raul, who enjoys fast cars and beautiful women regularly, for the tip

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Reader Comments

I tried this stuff.

Tastes horrible.

It burned my privates.

hey now i got a reason to call my mom a stupid fat whore befor bed btw joe that aint the soap bro u need to go see a dr dude

This stuff has been around for at least 8 years...

I've never tried it. Would it really have any effect or is it just hype?

The product page says you can absorb caffeine via the skin, so methinks it would be effective. But in any case, I still prefer my fine my collection of fine coffees from around the world.

I like my caffeine the old fashioned way...intravenously. Saves me loads of time.

Think Geek sent me a free bar of this stuff well over a year ago with one of my orders. Let me just say - IT SUCKS! It dries your skin out like hell and I think the menthol in it was waking me up WAY better than the caffeine did. I still needed a coke that morning.

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