Jan 30 2008Ball-Headed Robots Monitor Pollen Levels


Weathernews, a weather forecasting company out of Tokyo, is going to use these ball-shaped robots to monitor pollen levels this coming spring.

The so-called “Pollen Robots,” which weigh 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs) and measure 30 centimeters (1 ft) across, consist of a monitoring unit housed in a spherical styrofoam shell. A pair of eyes glow 5 different colors — white, blue, green, red and purple — to indicate the level of Japanese cedar and cypress pollen in the air.

There are going to be 200 of them across the country, each hung outside a volunteer's home. They will send data every minute to the company's headquarters, which will be used to update the online pollen maps they have available. I'm not sure what the proper protocol for a 'code purple' pollen day is, but my guess is running around in the streets waving your arms and screaming. Which, incidentally, is the same for a Godzilla attack.

Pollen Robots [pinktentacle]

Thanks as always to Melissa, who is only allergic to bad taste, for the tip

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Here's all you need to know: this year is going to be the worst year EVER for pollen. My scientfic research? The fact that the media says this every frickin spring. If it wasn't for John McCain, I'd move to Arizona. I'm allergic to him too.


this shit is shite.

I'm working on a so-called "robot robot". It monitors the amount of other stupid robots in your tiny little country. I plan to sell it to the japs - they'll buy anything.

I think it's a pretty neat idea. Though I've gotta say that I think things like this will be the precursor for the robot uprising. I mean look at them, they have red eyes... iRobot ring a bell? I'd volunteer if these things were solar powered.

reminds me of GLaDOS from Portal

same here #6


Come back to your cell now, there will be cake

Remember when you were in the Apeture Science Testing Facility, and I pretended to want to murder you? Then you destroyed my components in my core, and blew up the Apeture Science Testing Facility? That was fun

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