Jan 18 2008Backyard Cat Looks Like Backyard Torture


The Backyard Cat product is a weighted bag that hangs from a little harness and trains your cat not to jump. It also trains your cat to be depressed and miserable. It looks like torture and costs $18 - $22 depending on the size of your cat. It was designed specifically to prevent your pet from jumping over a fence and leaving you. Which, if you buy one of these, it will want to do more than ever. From the company's FAQs:

Is it uncomfortable?

Because the Backyard Cat cable is long enough to drag on the ground, it doesn't apply any strain to the cat. The force of dragging is applied along the length of their bodies.

Now listen, just because something isn't physically uncomfortable (although I'm sure this bag is anyways) doesn't mean it isn't uncomfortable in other ways. Take my wedding ring for instance -- it's not really hurting my finger, but the damage it's doing to my life is immeasurable.

Product Page click on 'product' then 'view demo' for the sandbag in action

thanks to Josh, who is like the patron saint of poontang, for the tip

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some call you damaged goods -
i say you're ripe for the pickin'

A bean bag tied to a string is hardly a "revolutionary training system that teaches your cat acceptable jumping behaviors".

It's a cat... cat's jump.... and thats just as sick as de-clawing a cat.

This just makes it easier for the neighborhood dogs and coyotes....

Somebody should report these guys to the ASPCA.

Isn't that like putting your dog on a line in the yard? As long as the cat is in fenced in area, it's fine. Just makes it so the cat cant jump over a fence or something.


It is like putting your dog on a line, which is also terrible. They should be reported to the ASPCA.

"The force of dragging is applied along the length of their bodies."

wow, someone has NO idea of physics, whatsoever... lol

cats are pretty lousy, so who really cares if they jump over your fence and run away...The best thing that could happen to a man is to have his girlfriend's cat run away...

Thats like the brick we attached to my retarted brothers neck to stop him from jumping

Apart from the obvious stupidity of the device, it even comes with a warning "do not leave cat unattended" or something. So you have to sit there and watch the cat making sure it doesn't kill itself while wearign it, which seems to defeat the whole point?!

Wouldn't this product just allow a cat to jump extra high when it's not wearing it? Next thing you know, we're going to have cats jumping clear over buildings.

Some cats will lay still for a few minutes, unsure of what is happening. Others will attempt to hide from the Backyard Cat collar. Others will try to run from it.

oh good

The goat who lived next door in college had something like this -- it was about twenty feet of swingset chain attached to an old truck tire. He suffered no ill effects that I could detect. He had a good square-footage available to him without moving the tire, and with a little tugging he could move to a whole new section of the yard. Plus he could stand on the tire and pose like a mountain goat. But then, goats are physically and emotionally very different from cats.

what about the fact that most cats will successfully jump onto something...jump down and be strangled by this weight that gets caught....

Your recognition of Josh as the "patron saint of poontang" is well deserved. I've known Josh since way back when and I can tell you that he is, indeed, a man of daring and innovation. I know exactly where this product idea came from: In the his early days Josh had the penchant for collaring his girlfriends and attaching a large concrete block to the end of the leash...that way, they'd ALWAYS be close with NO chance of straying! When I saw how effective this technique was, I immediately copied it...true, I haven't had another girlfriend since I first tried it out(I guess word travels fast in these-here parts)but, man, what a great idea! I can't wait for the next development in the product line! You and Josh are definitely the "hippest cats" in my book.

I thought this was brilliant until I went to Rome and was led by eyeless stray cats to do crazy things like jump spiked fences into botanical gardens. sometimes you just gotta jump! there may be a rose garden on the other side!

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