Dec 17 2007Ziptie Rings Are Rings That Look Like Zipties


Ziptie rings were designed by Natalie Gomensoro and look like zipties that were painted silver and then zipped on your finger. They're actual silver though and cost $85 for female models and $95 for the male one. Making it significantly cheaper to spraypaint a real ziptie. I actually know people who wear zipties as bracelets who would buy these. I remember one guy telling me he put the ziptie on his wrist when he and his girlfriend got together and was never going to take it off as long as they lasted. I was in total awe of how unromantic this guy was. So I tried to pull it real tight with the hope that it would cut off his circulation and make his hand fall off. But he punched me before I could. I'm over it though because I totally banged his girlfriend. In a dream, but it was real enough for me to count.

Zip Tie Rings [notcot]

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Um...I must admit that even though I'm big into innovation, creativity, and technology...while it seems artistic, it's actually quite gay. (proto-)

Anyone notice the ziptie is threaded the wrong way? : - )

I concur. The whole thing is done backwards. She should have checked out a real one somewhere on her travels. I would think the right way would have resulted in something more comfortable for the wearer.

Yeah, note to mrs. Designer Lady: take a quick look at a zip tie before making a zip tie ring...

I guess she wanted the ridges on the outside.

I highly recommend this type of bling. I always catch the stewardess' eye when I walk onto a airplane. With a subtle wink and a nod it lets her know, I LOVE zip ties, plastic cuffs and that I'm probably heavily medicated.

30 mins later we will be in each other's arms whilst I'm screaming, "There's a goddamn gremlin on the WINNG!!!! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIIIIIEEEE!!!!"

well at least I'm not the only one that's used these enough to know it's backwards.

Nice hand is really matching it. I have searched many ways to beauty my fingers. You should have a try.

WOW! I think this is soooooo stupid!

lol u make me laugh.

I love these! I've seen a lot of ziptie variations on rings, but this is one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing!

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