See Through Walls: 'Lobster Vision' Camera

December 21, 2007


The LEXID (Lobster-Eye X-ray Inspection Device) is a new camera made by Physical Optics Corporation of Torrance, California. It works in the same way that a lobster's vision does -- "by beaming X-rays, then focusing on the reflection (rather than refraction) of objects." The device is capable of seeing through wood, concrete, steel, and many other materials. They're coming soon to a nosy government near you. I want to get my hands on one, for obvious reasons. You know what I'm going to use it for right? No, not for looking through the girl's locker room wall. Jesus you people are a bunch of pervs. I'm going to use it for good. By looking through specially marked boxes of Pop Tarts for a sweepstakes-winning ticket. I'm going to that Hannah Montana concert damnit, I'll just die if I don't.

Another picture after the jump showing the actual device.


New 'Lobster Vision' Cam Sees Through Walls [therawfeed]

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