Dec 20 2007Japan's 2007 Robot Of The Year Goes To...

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) named the year's best robots, and first place went to a two-armed robot made by Fanuc that's equipped with a visual tracking system and works in food and drug manufacturing lines. That video above is of the quick bastard in action. When accepting his "Robot of the Year" award the two armed robot stated "I just do my job, you know. I really wish I could fight, fly, and had a sweet freaking laser cannon on one arm, because that would be bad-ass. Hell, with that kind of equipment I'd be up to my visual tracking system in robotic puss. But nooo, I'm stuck sorting pills in a damn factory. This gig is lame. Now get out of here before I jam this trophy up your ass."

Click the link to the article if you want to see the runners up.

2007 Robot of the Year [pinktentacle]

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that one fast motherf***in robot

I just noticed that Japan has a huge lesbians.

That surely is fast.

Their whale-killer robot got robbed.

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