Dec 13 2007Gold Pills Are, Um, I Don't Even Know What


These $425 capsules are dipped in and filled with 24-karat gold and you're supposed to eat them to "increase your self-worth". Which isn't true, because if you do ingest them you'll just be increasing your "self-stupidity" and "self-flushing-money-down-the-toilet". I'll kill you if you buy them. Just down a jar of gold glitter if you're that hell-bent on having gold shit, it's a lot cheaper. My fiancé demanded I buy her a capsule, because she thinks she's all high-class and can just waste my money. Well she'll be getting the gold glitter treatment, because I sure as hell am not paying for these. She hasn't noticed the diamond in her engagement ring is just a piece of glass from a broken windshield, so I think I'll be fine.

Gold Pill makes you poop glitter for $425 [dvice]

thanks to Jacob and JohnyG30 for the tips

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Wow...just when i thought the world could'nt get any weirder.....

i think the word your looking for is stupider

Get a bottle of Goldschlager and forget it!

I guess they've never heard of gold poisoning. However, if you're dumb enough to eat these you deserve it.

I agree with 3, couple bottles and you'll be all set with gold and feeling really really good or bad (see lightweight) Things like this make me feel sorry for the future of human (and animal) civilization.

I love your tags LOL

Paris Hilton would eat these for sure, and hopefully die

Essence of Ubique - safe when used as directed.

Whether right or not, ingesting gold for various reasons is almost as old as humanity. Some ancient cultures believe gold and menses is a mythical cure-all, and even some cults. There are people today who still think this, but they're less likely to admit so than earlier times.

$500 turd right there. Gold is mostly inert and completely non-reactive to anything inside a person. All that will happen is that you'll literally be flushing gold down the toilet a few days later.

In Japan when I was there, they started up with gold flakes added to sushi. But at least you could see it when you eat it, and it was reasonably expensive, just enough to let the host gain face for being rich enough.

i totally want some of those pills... but i wouldn't eat 'em, i'd set them up somewhere and look at what i just wasted $425 on...

Ha Ha These are funny but Why? Just Why honestly!?!? I sometimes wonder about what us humans are coming to!

hey dude, i just wanted to say that you are hilarious and thanks for making me laugh

that is stupid.......just comit suicide instead......way cheaper. THE WORLD IS GETTING STUPID

wtf is the world coming to gold pills come on let the stupid people die and will be better off without them.

WOW! What next silk tp to wipe the golden shit off your ass? What a waste (pun intended).

how could u do that 2 ur fiancee? i mean, a piece of broken windshield??!! that is cheap, cheap, cheap, and do u even love her?


WOW it's amazing

Wow Ive never heard of anything as dumb s this this takes the world stupidity level up a whole 18 levels digesting gold!?!?!? who ever thought of that probally just wanted to make money. you could probally sell those for even more if you really wanted to.....hmm i wonder..?


wouldn't glitterpoo make even the straightest person seem gay?

now they should come up with a pill that turns your pee and blood to gold..... and skin and everything else.

or your unborn child....


#24... oh so true!!!!

a scat lovers dream xD
(scat loving is people that use poop during sex) shit...come to think of it japanese eat shit too and it's called golden pellets...i think...but those pills are stupid, why would anyone in their right mind eat gold

Somehow I got here on a Google Image search for tennis. Gold feces. Internet never disappoints.

hahaha .. glass from a broken windshield, lol :DD

seriously there are kids dying in africa and some retards want to blow 425 bucks on gold shit. why??
also the other comments on this made me giggle

stop commenting on "what is the world coming to" everyone has said that already. anyway this is freken funny as hell. i hope paris enjoys her sparkling shits

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