Dec 7 2007Flux Capicitor Pre-Orders Being Accepted


Has 2007 been a bad year? Not excited about 2008? Get yourself a flux capacitor from Back to the Future and you can say goodbye to the annoyance of being stuck in current times. Take a vacation to the past, or even the future. For a paltry $220 you can get your hands on the 1.21 jigowatt time-travel enabling device (De Lorean not included). Pre-orders are being taken until January 1st, and the units will ship on April 30th. I ordered two just to be on the safe side. I don't want to be stuck in the past if one gets eaten by a dinosaur while I'm doing a cave-woman.

Flux Capacitor will take you Back to the Future [dvice]

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Reader Comments

Good, now maybe I can go back in time and fix that failed abortion my mom keeps bitching about.

So if I preorder it can I have it sent to myself a year ago?

Will this conflict with my Oscillation Overthruster?

cooooool. I soo want that!
Does doc install it for me?

Forget pre-orders. I already post-ordered this from the future and had it sent to me early next year.

Maybe we can attach this to the solar taxi and that way, the guy can travel the world when it's still all attached...I just hope it can reach 88mph!

Another stupid thing

I hope you know that cavewomen were extremely hairy?

#6 I wouldn't count on it, they go as slow as possible to make more money. :P

welcome you to choose

how much are they?? ;)


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