Dec 26 2007Black Hole Bag Holds Stuff, Looks Funny


The Black Hole is a bag from Nodesign Studio that holds all your stuff. You just start cramming it all in there and the bag expands to meet your needs. "The unique material is super strong, light, and flexible yet it’s thin enough to leave impressions of what you have inside." So it's basically a Glad ForceFlex trash bag that you're not supposed to throw away. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m still getting one. But mostly because it looks like a you-know-what. And you do know what I mean don't you? An orange of course! Well the one on the left anyways, the one on the right looks like a freaking testicle. A testicle with a teddy bear and a bunch of feathers popping out. Yikes.

A Black Hole For All Your Crap [yankodesign]

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Reader Comments

Why do they call it a black hole but color the stupid thing orange?

It's not bad...i would get one if it's not too expensive. I just wonder how much they can really hold, because i like having everything i own in a giant pumpkin

I am a vacuum sealed black hole colored orange & red.

I heard this news earlier from another place. It seems that people are all interested in this news.

Something had to be done with all of the left over spandex from the 80's a.k.a. Wow Lance Armstrong has really let himself go a.k.a. Even when you're done cleaning up the dorm there is still a giant lumpy sphere in the middle of the room a.k.a I wonder how many kittens could be put in that thing?

What a stupid idea. Like these things don't already essentially exist.
I only clicked on it because I wondered what the lumpy orange apple was.
Seriously it looks like an apple. It's unfortunate that the colour is also the name of a fruit. Makes for a confusing sentence.

Nice! This is something that I really could use :)

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amy, are you challanged? it has nothing to do with the color.

The one on the right looks like my prostrate.

Dude, if you testicles look like that see a doctor right away!

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