Nov 7 2007Pop-Up Book Of Lights: A Hit For The Illiterate


The Book Of Lights is a pop-up LED lamp cleverly disguised as a linen-bound hardcover book. You open that shit up and POP!, an LED lamp. They come in traditional lampshade and Parisian streetlamp models, and run a staggering $95. Pretty expensive for some paper, a battery, and some LEDs, but it is a neat concept. Throw in a monster face with red LEDs and a prerecorded blood-curdling scream, and you've got something I'd read to the kids before bed. The little bastards.

Book Of Lights Is A Light In A Book [ohgizmo]

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first? first!

I want one!

This is terrible.

Its an interesting concept but £50 is taking the piss, I could make one of these myself, granted without seeing this I would probably not have thought of it, but the materials and time to make one doesn't justify it. £10 perhaps...

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Westfield Franklin Park

shit man that was awesome SHIT SHIT SHIT
i just shit myself :O
oh dear
shut up brain
i want one!!!!
but it costs a lot to run

Awesome.. :D

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