Nov 2 2007Man Files Patent For Taser-Proof Clothing


The picture above is a diagram from an Arizona man's US Patent application showing his taser-proof clothing. Or if you want to get technical it's the patent for an "energy weapon protection device". It's basically conductive and non-conductive material in layers that prevent an electric charge from ever reaching the body -- because yelling "Don't tase me, bro!" just doesn't work. This stuff wouldn't be such a bad idea if you get tased on a regular basis, and if you had pants and a mask made out of the same material. While a jacket is a good start, you don't want to be zapped in the face and/or testicles because the coppers find out you're wearing a tase-proof jacket.

TASER-Proof Gear is Great for Students, Political Activists, Criminals [gizmodo]

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I've got a better idea: ban tasers. So-called "non-lethal" weapons invite abuse and are nowhere near as 'safe' as LEO would like us to believe.

i wish we had phasers...
i rather take a shock from a taser rather than a bullet from a gun any day.

can it protect the eyes?

i'm not kidding.. taser in the eye!!! read it..

"9. The combination of claim 8 wherein said garment is selected from the group consisting of hats, shirts, pants, flak jackets, bullet-proof vests, body armor and gloves. "

It looks like the patent covers other forms of clothing.

Don't tasers attatch to the skin? The clothing would have to protect from the sharp barbs.

That guy in the pic looks like he's already been tasered in the eye, actually.

Screw taser-proof clothing. If you're on LSD, tasers don't affect you. Even the probes won't affect you.

Or, you could, I don't know, STOP BREAKING THE LAW? WTF is wrong with this guy? Someone please drop an anvil on this guy's head.

#8 Chris: Not only cops have tasers, if you have douchebag friends this could be for you.

Buy a real gun and screw your douchebag friends. That's so much better than wearing a safety jacket and hanging out with "friends" that might tase you any minute. I really can't see why I would need such a vest if I didn't intend to break the law in any form...

LOL I LOVE THIS! That whole thing was so rediculous. This is awsome.

The whole Andrew Myers incident makes me ashamed to say that I attend the University of Florida. Good news though: The state investigators favored the University Police Department, and Myers has to apologize, do community service, and remain retarded. The videos say it all, I'd have helped the police and knocked him out.

Screw taser-proof clothing. If you're on LSD, tasers don't affect you. Even the probes won't affect you.

This is a bad idea, because if the taser doesn't work they just resort to beating you down with batons.
That's not from personal experience.
I know a guy.


Gee lets wear this!!! First off if you are getting tazzed you most likely have it coming, second they are a form of a non-lethal weapon, in many cases the next step is lethal. So you chose, 50,000 volts or a .45 Bullet.

I agree with zippy... the only reason anybody would wear this is if they plan on bein unruley and causing a scene. Which after they realize their tazers aren't subduing u, their gonna turn towards their next option, the gun sitin in their holster.

They better make this fool proof, and just go with a bullet proof vest on top of this jacket!


*just dont f*** with the taliban, cuz they'll just IED u... that or just rocket launcher ur ass UT style....*

It didn't take long for someone to come up with something like this! Layers should be tough and not just stop electricity. The Taser probes can get through one inch of fabric!

true my friend got tase while on lsd and dint and thing but i when got the pellet gun
and shoot he was sreaming

Tasers, and other non-lethal weapons, are often used to determine the intent of a suspect. If countermeasures are employed, one should anticipate the next level force is a 9 or 10-mm round.

This idea will get users killed

You don't even really have to give many cops an excuse to tase you; spend five minutes on YouTube and you can see that. All you have to do is give some of them an excuse. The mentality there is "Oh, if you give me lip I can tase you because it won't kill you, and it'll shut you up all at once!"

Ah man, if clothing becomes taser proof, that will cut down on YouTube videos! And who wants to do a background check at that point.

Police officers are much more hesitant to use deadly force as opposed to tasers, so by wearing this you are NOT guaranteeing that you will be shot. Many tasing situations would never have called for deadly force in the first place.

maybe if "peace officers" weren't so egar to tase people, we wouldn't need clothing like this.

How about some taser proof clothing that will send the charge back through the line...that'll keep the utube vids flowing...heck, it might even make a cop think twice before he tases you for cutting in line at the Taco Bell while you are trying to explain to him that you just stepped out of line to use the restroom to wash yo....BUUUbbuUBBUUBZZ>Z>Z>Z>Z>>ZZZZZZZZZZZ>>>Zz> and now you're lying in a puddle of your own droop staring up at a very satisfied cop. Tables would be truned if you had clothing that would send the charge back...of couse you'd be running far far away from that Taco Bell, but at least you would be giving some ego hungry head trip cop satisfaction.

all we need is to wear is an led light display,
then they'll be too frightened to set off explosives
when they think of shooting the taser at us.

Ahh, those good ol' times when rappers were Cop Killers instead of playing detectives on Law and Order...

Just to spell out: cops seems to be rampaging around the country. They use tazers as a form of cattle prod. If you fall out of line, you'll get it. And they get away with it. They should be stripped off their tazers, and all these powerhungry idiots weeded out.

Don't need any vest. Use a SW44 magnum, before being tased........

The market for this product is Police forces and Military. It' snot gonna be something regular folks get to wear. The pigs will protect themselves first.

Tasers (electronic police brutality), yet another infringement on our rights by the gov't. Add it to the ever-growing list of violations:
They violate the 1st Amendment by opening mail, caging demonstrators and banning books like "America Deceived" from Amazon.
They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns during Katrina.
They violate the 4th Amendment by conducting warrant-less wiretaps.
They violate the 5th and 6th Amendment by suspending habeas corpus.
They violate the 8th Amendment by torturing.
They violate the entire Constitution by starting 2 illegal wars based on lies and on behalf of a foriegn gov't.
Support Dr. Ron Paul and save this country.
Last link (unless Google Books caves to the gov't and drops the title):

Eddy, you're missing the point with "i rather take a shock from a taser rather than a bullet from a gun any day." ... that being people are dying DAILY from taser abuse. Cops look at tasers as non-lethal weapons, so they don't hesitate to use them-- chiefly in the WRONG circumstances. If there were safe, you wouldn't see so many unexplained deaths. But you are- these articles grace the papers daily of cops misusing tasers and innocent people dying because of them.

Criminals are learning tasers are non-lethal, and if you haven't noticed, they're more bold in their activities these days-- because a tase is a slap on the wrist as opposed to a bullet scar or injury they'll see or feel every day for the rest of their lives. NO, I'm not advocating firearm use, but RESPECT for firearms. Criminals need something to fear, because our archaic crippled legal system is letting them off far to easily for felonies.

Tasers need to be banned because they're dangerous and ineffective, and until that happens, I fully agree with personal protective clothing to give both the honest and dishonest a chance at living!!

Everyone who says you deserve to be tased, you had it coming, stop breaking the law etc. I have news for you. The police don't care WHAT you've done, they have a new toy and they're all about using it. I live in MN and a 29 yr old man was just killed by the police using tasers because the young man had a traffic accident and was a little edgy or "uncooperative" as they put it. So...let's tase him to death? REALLY?

Dumb. Google "thors shield"

Somebody beat him to it.

I think too many people are missing the point.

Situations like the 'Don't taze me, bro!!' kid:
The kid was beng an ass. If the video had been of someone in the crowd kicking his ass, I would have laughed 'till I fell out of my chair. The problem is, the cops chose to punish him for being an ass. It's not their job to chose who deserves punishment. Their job is enforcement - period.

The taser was touted as a non-lethal alternative to a gun. In other words, they should only be used in a situation where using a gun could be justified. How many of you feel like that kid should have had one of the six cops who were piled on him pull a gun and cap him in the temple? If you don't feel like that would be justified, then using a tazer wouldn't be justified.

Tasers are supposed to be a way to subdue a combatative suspect with less lasting damage than a bullet. The number of people being killed by tasers (oh, excuse me, people dying after being tased) says they might not be as safe as they were originally thought to be. Personally, I don't really care about that - after all, guns can kill you too. The point is that they are deadly force that is being applied when officers don't like somebody's attitude.

I was thinking the same thing Kooter, that'd be awesome

I guess when getting out of line literally means collapsing from the forced labor chain gang work lines these same sycophant psychos will be bleating for the same response, "Look Boss,he done fell out the line. Taze his ass Boss, we can't be tolerating no agitators Boss.

Good. Next time I'm driving on a deserted road I'll know that if one of those animals pulls me over, at least I won't have 50000 volts running through my body.

I prefer a level playing field! Them PIGS [sworn to protect us...yes, protect us] need to have some competition. They have the guns, the dogs, the clubs, the pepper spray, their associate GANG MEMBERS [yup, the legal definition!], the Tazers, the pepper spray, the tanks, the rifles, tthe other weapons of war, which they use on people all the time.
Some of you TurdBrains who support their torture of people deserve the Police State you are getting.
I do not advocate violence or murder which is why I do NOT support them stinkin' cops.

screw tasers, i say we ALL carry guns. Sure there'd be a short term rash of shootings...but then we'd ALL get real f***ing polite to each other. Even the cops.

Its always a job of cat and mouse
What is next - the tazer to overcome this clothing and then what - some poor person without protection is zapped big time
Don't taze me bro

Check out the taser record for the State of Alaska. Since everyone there carries a piece (open or concealed), I bet there hasn't been one f^ing cop ever been brave enough to pull out a taser.

Omniscient has it right.

I think that can't work. It's a bit crazy!

Jack Henry II said ...Tasers (electronic police brutality), yet another infringement on our rights by the gov't...
HAHAHAHAHA when are you sheep going to realize that you have no rights.All you have are privleges given to you by the government which they can take away at anytime..
It is interesting to see some fool has a patent out on something which is already in use,when air tasers first appeared on the scene they quickly discovered that the electrodes had problems going into leather jackets,police discovered this after getting their butts kicked by some bikers which were not happy having their meth taken away..later on the taser's were equiped with longer electrodes and a higher nitrogen charge so they would penetrate leather and thick clothing.
This improvement though was countered by inserting 1/4 inch neopreem rubber in between the leather and the liner of a basic biker jacket,the leather slowed down the probes and the neopreem absorbed the forward motion and insulated you from electricution..This also was found to be helpful when bean bags from shotguns were also used.
The zapp proof jacket was later improved upon by adding a layer of aluminum chainmail over the neopreem rubber(same material used to make gloves for butchers and chefs)).
This improvement also caused the taser gun to short out,tasers are meant to send their current through flesh which provides resistence,when tasers hit metal the high voltage has no resistence and will burn out the thermal overload circuit in the taser gun rendering it useless.
The zapp proof jacket is a very useful item for career criminals like bikers and drug dealers they dont have much to lose in the first place.
but even with the best zapp proof clothing it can not protect you from the officers second choice which is to shoot you.
we all know how they love to shoot people with their little 9mm guns,but you can have some comfort knowing that most all police officers usually fire 10-14 rounds and only hit their target once or maybe twice,so the odds are still in your favor.
Or you could just carry a gun and shoot the PIG,,,I have always enjoyed hearing of a good cop killing I find it rather amuseing..I especialy loved it when they came out with the dragons breath shotgun shells,it was hillarius to see a PIG burst into flames and all his buddies crying on the news like anyone actually cared......the bad guys gotta win once in awhile if anything just for shear amusement..

Tasers seem to be the analogue to the medieval dunking test. If the taser does not work on you for whatever reason (e.g. empty batteries), they will use their guns, because being immune to tasing is a sign of wanting to kill the cops. Just like surviving the dunking under water was a sure sign that the victim was a witch and deserved to be killed by burning at the stake.

It appears that everyone on this blog is a 'bleeding heart liberal'. I don't worry about being tased, I abide by the law. Been stopped speeding two times recently. Both times I agreed with the officer that I had been speeding and ask him for a break. Both times I received a warning ticket. These troopers, city policemen, sheriff deputies put their life on the line daily to protect us. Give them a break and show some appreciation rather than continuous bashing.

Around my way it's not the police tasing you that you have to worry about, it's the muggers and the car jackers as you can not defend yourself while lying on the floor spasming uncontrolably. These clothes are a good idea I for one will be purchasing some items.

If the police follow procedure correctly, the use of a Taser product would definitely be worthwhile. Officer zaps subject, rendering muscle-usage disabled for a time period long enough to cuff and escort to the car. Officer safety is a MUST. So YES, please save the officer from the ton of paperwork and the court session. Otto Zehm was tasered a number of times simply because those officers were complete idiots for misuse/abuse with it.

I even watched officers struggle with a drunk person who turned violent so resorted to the Taser. They followed procedure correctly. They were able to successfully cuff and take the person to their car without getting hurt, AND without killing the person. Put that in yer pipe n smoke it.... food fer thought.
Well, just my two cents worth there !: )

BTW, Taser-PROOF clothing?? Who in tarnation needs that? The guy who wants to patent Taser-proof clothing ain't getting the satisfaction, not on my watch!

ANY decent citizen with a head on the shoulders and a brain to think with will very easily readily agree!!

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