Nov 16 2007Knife Block Resembles Circus Side Show


The Throwzini Knife Block isn't your ordinary knife receptacle. Okay it is, but at least it looks good. Reminiscent of this knife rest, it resembles the 'Rotating Wheel of Puncture Wounds' I saw at a circus once as a kid. It was awesome, the dude caught a knife right in the leg. Blood was spurting like a ruptured fire hydrant. Urban Trends will be selling these soon, for an undisclosed price. I managed to get my hands on one early, and I've got to say I'm a little disappointed. I thought you were actually supposed to throw the knives into the slots, and that magnets or something would guide them into their holes. I ended up losing the two smallest toes on my right foot, my left thumb, and a cat before I figured it out that's not how it works.

Throwzini's Knife Block Stores Cutlery on Wheel of Death [gizmodo]

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Are you recycling posts again? I swear I've seen this entry before, on this site. Hmm..

Interesting...I think I'm more likely to purchase this one.
The other one just might've gotten the cops called on me.

this is what we all need@!

This is too boring to post. Whoops.

INTERESting... i like

I'm touching myself, thinking of you.

Wow....very interesting.............

This product is available wholesale in the EU through these people:

This is so stupid. Who would want it.

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