Nov 6 2007Twins Develop Wedgie-Proof Underwear


8-year-old twins Jared and Justin, tired of being bullied, have developed wedgie-proof underwear, the Rip-Away 1000s. This may be the greatest internet video of all time, those poor little bastards. It may also be the saddest. You just have to watch. The only problem is, I failed to hear any mention of swirlie-proof heads, indicating these kids still have plenty years of torture ahead of them.

Video after the jump, along with my favorite lines.

Best lines from the video:

"And Justin, what are you doing standing there with his underwear in your hands?"
"Just looking at it."

"Now unfortunately Jared, is your underwear around your knees?"
(After some feeling around) "Yes."

Must watch video after the jump.

Eight Year Old Twins Invent Wedgie Proof Underwear [techeblog]

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Reader Comments

Kids are smart its just their retard parents make them do this. Don't they realsie by going on t.v. the bullies are now thinking up thousands more ways of getting those lil' bastards and I think their probably gonna get it worse than ever. Good

That is hilarious! You were right, both of those quotes made me lol.

Well thank god that (as the interviewer says) they "discovered" wedgie-proof underwear.

It's so ridiculous that it's actually referred to as a "wedgie," by the way.

Don't male strippers wear break away underwear like this?


the requested video is no longer available.

I've only got one word: Fox.

This is news?

Babe magnets.

@7 - It has nothing to do with Fox. It's indicative of the crap on all morning news programs.

While Fox was going on about 8-year-olds with trick underwear, ABC had a breakthrough recipie for Shepherd's Pie, NBC had a hard-hitting interview with one of their own employees talking about a new book he's written about kids playing football, and CBS was commemorating the 30th anniversary of Star Wars by doing an expose on the crap in some obsessive fan's closet.

Ridiculous stories of purely entertainment value being passed off on news programs is nothing new, and it's certainly nothing unique to any specific network or program.

Next stop for them- AMMO DEPOT and then if they Keeping yanking them, they may revert to Private Pyle "762 millimeter, FULL METAL JACKET"

Mom and Dad need to teach them how to open up a case of WHOOP ASS and pass out a few. That'll stop the bullies... Now they are going to get beat two fold thanks to the publicity of this. So they better prepare to Hiyaw and UFC their asses..

I think those kids are adorable and are damn proud of themselves. Let them have their 15 minutes, who cares if it's not breaking news. They're 8 years old, for goodness sakes. I think morning "news" shoes weren't meant for hard hitting news. (Those come later in the day anyway)

I f***ing hate kids,those little sh*ts can barely even speak,there "proud" parents need to coach them better.Thats right put your kids on tv and have the talk about how they suck so much that they had to invent something to make beatings by other kids alittle less painful.Nope none of those bullies are going to wanna kick their asses now,what with their wedgie-free panties and all....

Wow, OR, looks like you're a dumb ass, too! "there 'proud' parents" ?? Don't you mean "THEIR"?? Maybe you should learn how to use spell check before you slam a couple of eight year old kids, you dumb f***.

P.S. I think these two are adorable. And nobody pays attention to Fox News anyway, do they???

Hilarious and cute. Two thumbs up.

These boys are just beggin' for a beat down!

Hahah I love how Jared starts to talk at the beginning and then shuts up when the Host asks Justin to respond. Then glowers the rest of the interview.

I love that a bunch of people looking at an internet blog for random geek stuff are talking about how Fox isn't reporting the "real" news.

C'mon you jackasses, it's cute.

I LOVE how the new reporter is a dumbass and thinks that the band it the only thing that rips away when the whole underware comes off. No one was standing with just a band in thier hand they were standing with underware in thier hand! How did he not get that?

You don't need whore underwear to be wedgie-proof. All you have to do is stop being little twin pussies. Jared and Justin, I'm sorry your daddy failed you.

WTF is up with the shirt and tie thing? I don't think Fox and Friends really merits that level of dorky formality.

What is it about parents and their need to create this kind of embarassing, permanently documented footage?

so cute, they look like mini-Anderson Coopers!

So give them wedgie, then pants them to humiliate them for the rest of their lives.


GOB's been wearing those for years.


What's with the black background???

@ the anderson cooper comment...oh, so they are fudge-packers, too? ;)

wouldn't any decent bully proced to just pull there pants down considering there gonna have no underwear on im sure that would get more laughs then a wedgie anyways

I agree with the most of the commenters, these kids are cute. And it's a fun little invention, although not terribly practical. If the wedgie fails, well, next time it'll just be a punch in the gut.

I also agree with many other commenters, this is going to have repercussions when they get back to school. I can see the bullying just getting worse. Hopefully, the other kids will just have a laugh for a few days and then forget about it.

It is a clever idea though.

Do you think we could prosecute Fox under that new law that makes it illegal to talk about kiddie porn?

Cute kids. But they won't get bullied for this. Look at 'em. They're home schooled!

Sorry i type fast Hill,you probably are going to have "special" kids like them,if you don't already

Ermm Or, or whatever your lame name is, shut the f*** up.

so, the Kid from Deliverance has grandkids. Huh.

That one doesn't work, sorry. Typing fast is an excuse for TYPOS not blatant spelling mistakes or general stupidity.

Anyway that video was weird lol..
They have to have stuff like that in the morning, or else there would be a lot more crashes on the way to work as people were preoccupied with how much fossil fuel they were burning and so on. lol

lol....these kids are weird!

These kids have no personality- No wonder they are being picked on, lol

After this performance I bet they will be needing thier wedgie-proof underwear more than ever now, lets just hope this was on tv late at night and no kids from thier school saw it.

Seems to me that under ware is just a scaled down kilt the way it comes apart.

#1: "realsie" ??? (realize perhaps?)

#11: "shoes" ??? (shows maybe?) shoes = most wear on feet

#27: "proced" ??? (proceed). Learn to spell, you fail at life...quit.

#29: you're "rutardud" (retarded). Don't procreate...ever

#12/#31: You seem to be the product of incest. Don't speak...ever.

I agree with most comments, and the dad should teach these little boogers (see: snot) how to fight like men (unless dear ol' dad is an f'ing pussy). However, props for ingenuity (whether original or otherwise) and the balls to do it on national TV.

God bless America.

#38. You are self absorbed. And if your not that, then you are deffinetly a prefectionist, an insufferable perfectionist.

The latter, I assure you. My point with that isn't that I don't make mistakes, as I do many a time. It's that I at least care what I publish and I proof what I write. If I submit something erroneous, I correct it, nothing more.

34# Why are you obsessing with spelling errors,get a life

I don't think these kids are going to have problems when they get back to school. Let's not forget they're eight. And these kids might be nerdy enough to watch Fox news, but I'm guessing there is no 8 year old bully out there watching Fox news...just gonna take a stab at that.

Yea butI I'm sure all the kids parents watch it and they'd probably be saying "hey jonny look,its those boys you go to school with on tv"


Anyone that “hates kids” has issues. You were once a kid yourself.

I found them cute, too, and to those who "hate kids" probably were bullied so much in their time.

I found them cute, too, and to those who "hate kids" probably were bullied so much in their time.

You Yanks are just plain weird. If bullying is so bad in your schools, then surely that is the problem to be addressed, not for kids to have to come up with ways to avoid being bullied. But there again you Yanks like to bully don`t you! You pick on people/countries/nations smaller than yourselves, and bully them. F***ing` retards the lot of you!! The day will come when you will reap what you have sown.

Right on Abdul El Hyman(letter#48)
Your comments are absolutely Right On!
Americans are the biggest dumb f***s on Earth when it comes to bullying.
They teach their children to become dumb yankee redneck f***heads with rabid pitbull attitudestowards each other and send them out to screw the rest of the world as adults.

wow... only on FOX.... who in their right mind... and the guys made fun of the kids and laughed at them. I am sure those kids will regret being on the show, no matter how stupid their invention is.

they are cute right? a twin biys. the twin girls are also very plovely. i think twins is a miracle. do you agree?


some goanna pants em and take a pic or 2

Nice little kids and genial idea

I agree with 38, I noticed many spelling mistakes in these comments that he did not even mention and it is disgusting that I am taught correct grammar daily at school when it is all these dumb-shit people older then me that need it so bad. If you can't make a decent sentence, simply don't post or use Microsoft word to spell check for you!


Very very funny

Pretty boys. I like them... i guess it might be a joke on them!

I'm seeing this again why?

why did tia f***face turn into two little boys? What's going on??? I'm too hungover for this shit!..

Why does every blog turn into an argument about spelling and grammar?!

Anyhow, the kids just thought it was a fun invention. They said in the original interview that no one at their school is bullied.

Oh! Great job!
Very good and helpful post.
Thx, your blog in my RSS reader now
We'll expect many new interesting posts from you ;)

F*** you mabey we bully but thats what makes us us just like brits have bad teeth and none of the irish have their original livers. And dude we 'yanks' are all rednecks until we stop farming and 60% percent of the worlds starving.
We don't only pick on countries/people/nations smaller than us. Proof? The cold war remember that? WE F**CKED WITH RUSSIA!!!!!!! They have forests bigger than us. And furthermore if you don't want to get f***ed with then stay out of our way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a penis. It might be small but its big and guys like it.




Ye that's great wedgie them, the thing they wont every1 is watching pants them and the loose and they cud have gotten off with just a wedgie

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