Nov 19 2007Amazon Releases Kindle, Oh Happy Day!


Kindle, Amazon's ebook reader dropped today for $400. Over 90,000 titles are already available for the device, and each is less than $10. You can also get subscriptions to major newspapers, magazines, etc. for a monthly fee. "The unit is not Wi-Fi compatible. Instead, it's on its own EV-DO network, called Whispernet, which is affiliated with Sprint." You can't actually use it as a web browser though, except for free access to Wikipedia. So, yeah. Someone get one and tell me how it is. I like the newspaper subscription idea, but I prefer my books analog. There's just nothing more relaxing than sitting on the john with a hardback stretched across your naked thighs. Well, until your legs fall asleep and you collapse trying to stand up. Then you're lying on the cold tile floor with your pants around your ankles and a cat licking your face.

Amazon's Kindle unveiled: an ebook reader with free Internet access [sci-fi]

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Books are for losers!

and FIRST!@!

Oh the irony of that first statement is almost divine. Do we know if the book emits a lot of light? Most ebooks cause eye fatigue I think. Not that you'll reply to this, geekologie blog man. You're too busy trying to fit the phrase "my penis" into your next post.

my penis is in amy

Oh my god that's f***ing Pulitzer worthy!

How much were you paid for this post?

wow I've actually sat on the toilet long enough to not realize my legs fell asleep and then tried to stand up, wasn't pretty. That's why you don't put tetris on your cell phone, it's addicting.

I love you geekology man, but "face" really? I was expecting "balls" or "Sphincter"

wooow ...

I quote ..."Revolutionary electronic-paper display provides a sharp, high-resolution screen that looks and reads like real paper" no back light.

...and why was the cat in the toilet with you ?

Ooh, look! Another e-book device. Bored now.

When are folks going to realize that the =device= isn't what's holding e-books back?

It's the stupid omnipresent DRM! Get a clue. People won't buy e-books in volume until they can actually own them and read them wherever they want. You know, just like they can with paper books.

Everyone is looking for the iPod of e-books. They're ignoring the user-friendly DRM of iTunes Music Store and easy ripping of CDs. Notice that music is trending DRM-free recently? That's because it's what customers want!!!

Have a read of this
and then give me that rant again .....

This is not something new, you know?

Yes, I knew it about 2 weeks ago from a friend

well I wouldn't call it a f***ing antique either

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