Oct 31 2007Smash The Hell Out Of A $6,020 Chair


The Do Hit Chair is ridiculous. It's a 0.04" thick steel cube that costs $6,020. The idea is that you take a sledgehammer or anything else to it and beat it to shit, until you've got something in the shape that you want. If you screw it up you're f'ed. You'll probably end up with something that resembles a sharp metal shiv just itching to tear you a new a-hole. Because that's exactly what it'll be. I just can't believe this thing. The last time I spent $6,000 on furniture it was for my wife's new breasts, and those things are comfortable as hell. This thing just looks painful.

One more of a sweaty man after a job (horribly) well done after the jump.


Do Hit Chair [productdose]

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Reader Comments

now that is just absolutely retarded.....

it kind of looks cool in the second picture...

maybe if i were rich i'd buy one. but i'm not, so no thanks.

but i wonder how much that sweaty man is? hmmm.

It's just an excuse for men to get sweaty and feel manly. Even if the fruits of their labor suck balls, and cost way too much money.

looks cool... funny ...

Looks like something found in the wreckage of Ground Zero. But even more disturbing and messed up.

I think I'm gonna get one for my neighbor. I wouldn't feel comfortable giving such an expensive gift, though, so I'm just gonna turn his Hummer into a lawn chair.

So, $6020? Why the extra twenty? I guess it it cost them twenty bucks to make a metal cube and they wanted a nice round profit

and you can do this too!!

does it come with a sledge hammer at least?

i want to buy the fat sweaty man! he must be cheaper than that cube.

Wow, An ordinary hollow steel cube? And it only costs $6020? Where do I sign.

Amazing! That fat guy was able to do this in his living room and look how good the wood floor still looks!

And I specially love the look of sheer PANIC on the poor woman's, who arrives at home to find her crazed husband destroying not only a 6k chair, but all the other furniture as well, after realizing what an IDIOT he was for purchasing a 6k metal cube that you are suposed to TRY and shape into a somewhat chair-like shape.

Any more proof that our society is in total decadency?

There's no way in hell I'm paying $6,020 just to make my own damn chair.

Touch my monkey

Heh, I bet this gimmick was made by someone clever. Perhaps a Jew, maybe a Japanese, maybe a Canadian, or even a Frenchman (they did come up with the idea to bottle water and sell it to the "stupid americans").

man 1: I bet it went like "hmmm, what can we sell that's cheap, but overprice it, call it good, and make money out of?
man 2: I'm not sure yet, but we must sell it to the stupid americans, they buy worthless stuff.
man 3: hey, how about a giant metal cube?
man 1: nah, that'll never work
man 2: actually, if we spend about $27 making it and sell it for exactly $6020, they'll buy it.
men: YES!!

Oh, also, if you buy car hoods (or other sheet metal) from junkyards, I'm sure you can start creating your own line of smash-ables and sell them for good money. (maybe make it for yourself, or maybe make it compete against the non-AllSpark-cube of stupidity.

What mule shit country are you from? Don't you have money to burn like the stupid Americans? I thought every body did.

I don't need $6,000 to smash the shit out of something.

I just took a smash, and it was free.

@guate6 - Way to steal a joke from Jim Gaffigan.


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