Oct 25 2007Play Ping Pong On A Half Green Door


The Ping Pong Door, from designer Tobias Franzel, is a door with a middle section that flips out to reveal a ping pong table. It's not regulation. The playfield is small, the net is plastic, and one side of your kitchen door is green with a line down the middle. If you can get past those things, then maybe this door is for you. It's not for me though. The only reason I posted it is because that leggy brunette that looks like a boy is confusing my penis in the most delightful way.

Ping Pong From A Doorway [yankodesign]

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Reader Comments

looks cool..

wo-hoah. did not even notice that he was a she until i read your post. so odd.

......... real ping pong is not played for trophies, it is played in the shadows, in dark alleys, in back rooms for hard cash ... and cheap ugly women ...

and that, Billy is how i met your mother.....

But father, isn't rule number 1..."Don't talk about ping pong club?"

this is a pretty cool invention!!

This is like very old news. Must be over a year ago I saw this on some other blog site.

Spammers still coming here huh? Nice.


this would be really interesting... lol.. i'd probly play it for awhile, get bored, forget about it... then later i'd come back to it and be like "holy shit, where'd this come from.. i better call some friends over.. saturday has meaning again!"
lol.. naw, my weekends arnt that bad, and i'm not that stupid either... but it might actaully be fun.. i mean, i'd get to have more friends over, lol... heck my half my friends would fight over playing it.. and the other half would sit there and be like "f*** this.. anyone wanna have sex?" lol.. i love my friends.. anyway, this does look like i might play it.. for a week or two.. then we'd all probly get bored and forget about it for awhile... lol..

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