Oct 24 2007Mix Tape Flash Drive Is Retro-Modern


The MIXA is a 1GB USB drive that looks like a cassette tape. It takes this idea to the next level. You got to the MIXA website and use some graphic creation software to design a custom sticker for each side of the tape, along with a sleeve to store the drive in. It costs $40 for all this action, but you also get some more MIXA stickers and a USB extension cable. Which still doesn't make it worth it. Now I'm no handyman, but I've got the feeling I'm capable of wedging a $10 flash drive into a cassette tape and printing off some stickers of unicorns and kitties to slap on. Which will leave me with about $25 left over to apply to a MIXA when my shit falls apart.

Make A Mixa - Cassette Shaped USB Drive [ohgizmo]

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Or, spend $40.00 on a smaller usb drive with more memory. One that won't make you look like a hopeless 80's throwback.


3rd You Stupid F***ing Assholes

Hadouken! did it first. Not too important, but worth remembering when any music that is acquired legitimately in the future, if any, is delivered on USB flash memory.

Personally I think this 80's throwback POS could possibly get me out of the dog house. I just put my order in for a hokey one for my girlfriend. Ah yes, nostalgia on all kinds of different levels!

i like it. i'm a child of the eighties. nothing wrong with kicking it old school. ...for those that don't like old school shit, your time is coming. you'll find something to like that kids start talking about and making fun of. f*** yeah, it's coming. can't wait. my giddiness is overfilled with anticipatiatory feelings of great emotion, laying in wait for this moment of glorious "in your faceness"!! wooOt!

bra, like radical!

very very worthless, since it seems as the USB connector doesn't fold in.

"Ironic" hipster garbage.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, HOW DO I GET IT IN BULK FOR WHOLESALE? How much is it anyway? and where do i get em, lol... please help.

Eighties baby who wants to make mixtapes =)

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