Oct 2 2007Man Attaches Train Horn To Car, People Crap

My dad hooked an old 18 wheeler's horn up to his Pinto station wagon, and when you honked it the headlights would basically dim off. But damn was it loud. The dumb bastard in this video specializes in mounting train horns to cars so you can go out and honk so loud people crap their pants. Based on the video I would say several people got a case of the ookey dookies that day. Now I don't promote this kind of behavior. I'm confident these guys are penis-less jackasses. But that's because they use this horn for evil. I'm mature enough to only use it for good, like getting jerks off their cell phones while driving. I'm practically a superhero.

Train horn on a car - Havoc on the streets [newlaunches]

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He was way too tame with that horn.

I'd f***ing shoot him. But damn I want one.

that's be good for driving past golf courses.

where is it?

Yeah, after watching most of their YouTubbery I think it's safe to say these guys suck at life. I'd love, in fact I'd pay, to see someone spin around and whip a rock at their HornMobile and take one those smug losers out.

(However if they used it in traffic when someone was doing something retarded, I'd be a little more impressed.)

It takes a sick mind to appreciate this, so call me sick. I love it.

I am interested. I have been looking for ways to increase my level of being irritating.

Honking to get the obnoxious jaywalking girls out of the street seemed like a good use.

If someone did this in my neighborhood they'd get shot. Period. People shoot at cars illegally parked here so this clown's just asking for it.

That's gotta be illegal noise pollution or something.

#9 where u live, the friggen ghetto inside a ghetto?

Old, come on Geekologie, you can find better things than this surely!!!

What a dick but that was really funny. I love how peoples' instant reaction is screaming like there's a train coming at them out of nowhere. Not that I'm any better, I'd probably pee my pants.

True story - as I played this a train whistle was sounding outside... it was like a creepy echo. Uh oh, HORNBLASTERS.COM ARE INVADING MY TOWN!!!

Hey that's in Tampa Florida- at least International Plaza, Clearwater Beach and maybe Orlando? Guy gets around. haha

thats too awesome...

I want one of those in my bedroom!!

Yeah I recognize International Drive in Orlando, you can bet he (and you know it's a guy) does that only to tourists down there. Locals would caps his a$$. Whatever happened to good old southern car modifications like painting your car orange with a civil war battle flag on the top and changing the horn to play "Dixie".

They turned gay. This horn is awesome.

Great Blog Hornblasters does sell the loudest train horns for your truck. New video coming out soon. Honk Honk Honk!

thats funny but rude

Haha, nice video ... hope you guys will do more of these.

The fact that it is rude makes it funny.


I want one for my honda accord MMmmmuuhhahahaaaaa!!!

this is simpplyyyy amazzzinngg .... can i have 1 for my optra 1.8..... :)
and plz also tell me how can i get it here in INDIA !!

ha ha ha this thing is awesome!! How hard is it to install?
train horns

Hornblasters has so many of these videos!

Search hornblasters on youtube and you'll find heaps more great vids train horn

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