Oct 29 2007Bullet Tape Ensures Packages Won't Arrive


Tired of using the same boring-ass clear packing tape when sending a package? Well check out some of your other options. RuebenMiller has posted a review of 20 different designer packing tapes that are currently available. This is my personal favorite, the bullets. There's simply no better way to ensure your package doesn't arrive on time and unopened than wrapping it with this stuff. Smear some unidentified white powder on the box and throw something that ticks in there and you'll really be good to go. To prison for being an ass-clown.

Two more different ones after the jump.



Designer Packing Tape Review (over 20 designs) [reubenmiller]

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Reader Comments

holy shit FIRST again, this doesn't seem that exciting to yell first.... I just don't get it. I dont get the pic that says corner, do you have to fill in the part you don't want to show? Wouldn't it be easier to just write what you wanted on normal clear tape?


Lol thats great.

these look pretty cool!!

I want the piano keys tape so i can make pianos out of everything I own!

excuse me, but did one of those ... the one with the little yellow duckies in sailor suits ... say "CRAM CREAM"?!?

Loving the keyboard. No idea what I'd actually use it on, but I like it!

wow thus is so cool does anyone know how much they're selling for?

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