Sep 27 2007Ray Gun Makes You Burn, Not Literally


Raytheon demonstrated their Silent Guardian ray gun/box at a recent show. It's a scaled down version of the one you may have seen mounted on the back of Army vehicles awhile ago when they first started messing with this technology. Basically it emits a focused beam of radiation tuned to a precise frequency that stimulates human nerves, giving a burning sensation (similar to the one when you pee). The rays only penetrate a human's skin 1/64th of an inch, so it allegedly doesn't cause permanent damage. I wonder though. Because I used to rest my head against the microwave to watch what I was cooking, and now I'm retarded as hell.

The full picture of a guy touching the box and crapping his pants after the jump.


Ray Gun Makes You Burn, Not Literally [dailymail, thanks to deebo for the tip]

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Well yeah... it's aimed directly at his crotch.

its actually a box of gayness. the gayness levels are so high he can barely stand the intensity

I thought it was a bust-a-nut box... where do i get mine!!!

i used to rest my head against an elrphant while it was pooping, now i am retarded as hell as well my friend.

can i get one for my kids?

i much rather tell them they have to touch the black box than to put them in time out.

seems to work for that guy. bet he'll pick up his blocks from now on.

He needs to put his hand in the box so we'll know if he's human or not.

would make a great office cubicle prank. "Hey press this button and look at Frank - it'll give him 3rd degree burns and he'll scream like hell, but don't worry after the skin grafts there will be no permanent damage."

my dad works for Raytheon, its scary what else this company makes for the government...

Can you train yourself to withstand higher and higher doses and eventually be pain-free even if you're getting really burned? :)


If you want a vision of the future, imagine a ray gun not literally burning a human body - forever.

Egad. Someone's finally invented the Agonizer from Star Trek.

that's kinda bene gesserit...

There is, apparently, no limit to American hubris. This thing was developed as a torture device, plain and simple. Anyone who believes the US government line on this thing should be subjected to it for such naivety.

the first dude is worse-st becausehe si first the worse get it lol :]

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