Sep 4 2007Man Makes Escher's "Relativity" with LEGOs


Andrew Lipson, a LEGO building genius, has recreated M.C. Escher's "Relativity" with LEGOs. It looks damn good, and I think it is safe to say that he should win some kind of award for doing such a bang up job. Just don't look at it for too long though, because I think I did, and now my head is spinning and I just threw up Fruity Pebbles on my sleeping girlfriend.

A few more of the construction after the jump, along with the original for comparison.




andrewlipson [via notcot]

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Reader Comments

totally awesome! I wish I was that skilled at using LEGO's

Impressive. Although I'd like to see him make a lego replica of my wang. That surely would be worthy of an award.

Saying that, I don't think there'd be enough lego in the world to complete the job. He'd just have to start cellotaping oak trees to the top of it to get the scale right.

paddy, go kill yourself

i love the linux book next to his work space. as if this wasn't nerdy enough.

MC + Legos = The Win

LOL dude you are too funny....we all know you don't have a girlfriend. :)

Old news.

This is old news...I first saw this at least more than a year ago.
Cool nevertheless

The Impossible Waterfall was better.
Or would that actually be worse?

this toast is old and stale

good stuff..

Great lego work but seriously, last year won't get off the phone wanting it's news back

Making that out of legos was kind of lame, but nowhere near as pathetic as people that stay up to date on lego art and then brag about how they already knew about the lego "relativity" piece. Referencing lego art as "old news" to you, is the equivalent of bragging about being a 28 year old virgin. Losers.

you guys nag too much;
cool work, and nice seeing it again, and I'm sure there are folks who haven't seen this yet...

wow i love escher so i am def. impressed w/ this ! :D i want it.

very cool... but "genius"? all Andrew did was make a replica of a famous painting with legos, so unless the guy's 13 or under I wouldn't be labeling him a "lego genius" is a genius.

I think that the big Linux book on the desk says it all...

Hey man you owe me.
I just spent 3 hours reading stuff on your site.
I have bever done that before.
Great site
it is the only site in my favourites


PS: Stay alive now, we need people like you to make the web sticky

Thanx man

Four-dimensional space!I LIKE the matrix! Is there specific to do it? who know!

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