Sep 20 2007Start Your Own Dinosaur Park!


Remember when you were a kid and really wanted a pet dinosaur? Remember how you never really grew out of that and still do? Well now you can. You can go with this bad boy, and now, these guys. They're a happy family of Stegosaurus, with the adult measuring approximately 28 feet. Which is bigger than my trailer. They cost $21,000 including shipping, which makes them worth nearly 8 times my trailer. But I don't care -- I already have real live pet dinosaurs. Because, well, I'm an expert when it comes to having sex with prehistoric beasts.

Start Your Own Dinosaur Park!

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Reader Comments

First you n00blings!!!!

This is the second time this's been posted on this site.

Huh? Didn't you post this already?

hey i think those are the same ones displayed at manila's baywalk area.
*after checking the ebay site....*

yep they're made in the philippines! ;)

this is just what i need!

Yes they are made here in the Philippines, you can view ALL of them and our New 11 Meter T-Rex by clicking the link below.

Best Regards

Jonathan Mallinson

Can someone let me borrow $21000?

i love this pic i rocks do you no how many people in my family love dinores


i live donosaurs

Really cool. Check out Stone dinosaur sculptures on under the dino-mite art page

Good look for me and my friend.


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