Aug 23 2007Table For Bedroom Security


Designer James McAdam has come up with the Safe Bedside Table, which is a table that comes apart to form a shield and beating stick. Which, um, pretty much every table does if you kick it hard enough. Now I don't know about you, but I am more into guns for bedroom security. Sure I've accidentally shot a few girlfriends in the past, but I just don't sleep as well without the comfort of a gun under the pillow.

Table For Bedroom Security [ohgizmo]

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Hot damn, my old rusty spoon is out of date!

I still prefer my Maglite. Good for illumination and skull cracking.

Could this also be handy for those pesky times when roofies wear off and a guy needs to knock a girl out?

Or...too far?

where's the costume to go with it.. nothing beats a good costume!! so that ppl (read: intruder) know that you mean business !!!!

Is this like the week of Ancient News? I saw this somewhere like 6 months ago. And I thought it was here but I guess I was wrong.


This guy has seen "300" too many times.

I'd rather have a regular table with a 1911 on it. (like the one I have right here.)

Number 7 you stole my comment >:D
Then you beat the guy down with the bat table leg like thing

Haha. That's... actually a very interesting idea.

old news! it's been featured everywhere for a while now. get with the new fads please.

This is perfect for me. My aunt always said I'd be beating the girls off with sticks. Or was it beating my stick off to girls? Either way.

It should have a lamp sitting on top of it which you first throw at the bad guy and the little explosion takes place, spraying the area with shrapnel. But you'll be ok cuz you'll have enough time to shield yourself with the tabletop. Then just hit the bad guy while he's on the floor blinded and baffled by the lamp explosion.

Diih...Old, OLD OLD!
Gosh, if I had I life, I'd stop looking at this site.

@7 & 9, wow, you guys f***ing killed 300. Right here, you shot Leonidas right in the forehead. Are you happy? Are you happy now? gb2failtown

I can imagine someone breaking into the house of the idiot that owns that and the owner being like, "lol hng on, I g2g get mah bat and sheild."

Thats nothing in South Africa you can attach flame throwers to your car to burn would be attackers. Now if someone made a table that was also a flame thrower that would be progress!

Aren't bedside tables also used for, you know, holding stuff? If i think i hear a bump downstairs, should i carefully take my lamp, clock, glass of water, etc. off of the table before disassembling it, or should i just knock that shit to the ground so that he know i mean business?

why didnt he simply make a table with a holster attached to its underside that contained a gun.

probably, as noted above, because guns didnt exist at the time of "300"

Is this like the week of Ancient News? I saw this somewhere like 6 months ago. And I thought it was here but I guess I eat dong.

Yeah because most people breaking & entering would be unarmed, or at least unarmed with anything that can penetrate wood, such as, a gun.

Honestly who comes up with these ideas?

Then again I think I'd probably fall down from laughter if I was robbing someone and saw him detach his table to fight me like a viking.

I just got the MEANING of this table! It's not to defend against intruders, it's to LOOK ALL MANLY when you THOUGHT you heard something downstairs and then pretend to defend what's yours. And when it's only your wife who's coming up, you say: "Oh, it's just you honey. I thought somebody was breaking in and I was gonna show 'em." :)

good thing i can have a shield. to you know, protect me from arrows because it is a well known fact that all burglars weild bows. no one carries guns. no one.

I like to beat my willie with it and protect my face from the evil spit of the snake with the shield!!!

MEN :);)

Sorry, but what is mariburjeka?


Sorry, but what is mariburjeka?


somebody is gonna be prepared for the zombie apocalypse.
That somebody ... is me.

This would make a great place to set my lamp and alarm clock as well as my wallet, keys, and random pocket change when I get home. Then I can just knock it all into the floor when I hear an intruder :D
Come on guys, how often are you going to use this thing? After a month or so of no break ins, you'll start piling it with crap. Then when a break in does happen, you'll have to carefully set it all on the floor to stay quiet. I doubt you have two minutes to slowly arrange your belongings on the floor before you go clubbing a robber.

You guys are pathetic.

you guys are all freeks

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