Aug 2 2007Mr. Tengu


Mr. Tengu is a little USB gadget that changes faces based on the sounds in the room. The little guy responds to sounds, music, and other stimuli with a range of facial expressions, and even sleeps when he gets tired. So basically he does absolutely nothing except stand there and look cute. Just like me! *yawn* Nap time.


Pree Release [via The Raw Feed]

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That is awesome.

i think it's kind of like a tamagotchi... yeah. like a mail-order tamagotchi husband for your ipod.

LOL so what if someone farts?

It looks like it just might come alive when your asleep...

Come alive in the middle of the night and start talking in a satanic voice "Come play with me right now!" alla Dane Cook and Speak and Spell.

More useless bullshit.

I want.

sweet,more clutter for my desk - but maybe this thing is supposed to be an urban scarecrow - can scare away excessive work and squares......hmmm

i am not impressed with it's donut face.

Anyone else find this scary?

yeah, so it's "listening" to sounds in the room. like a microphone thats always on, connected to your computer. sweet, just dont talk about anything u dont want anyone to hear, in its presence. then again, they prolly do that will cell phones or cable boxes already..

I can do you one better, fruitdioxide.
What if two people have sex in said room? What'll his reaction be then?

That's a f***ing government spy man, i'm telling ya,. he's just relaying all your convos to the feds!

Hmm, yes. Is 'tengu' Japanese for 'thought police'? Mr Thinkpol, very nice. Detects 95% of household thought crime. The acceptable face of domestic surveillance.

pretty lame.

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