Aug 22 2007Man Builds Water Chopper


Jim Garlitz, a man who runs a pizza shop in Maryland, has combined a Yamaha Virago motorcycle with an outboard engine to create, uh, this thing, the water chopper. Capable of doing 37 mph, it looks like it was invented long ago and called the jetski. It also looks like I wouldn't want to get on it. Unless I was using it as a pirating vessel to rob all the stupid tourists that rent those floating big wheel bikes at the beach. Yarr, your money and your jewels! I <3 booty.

Man Builds Water Chopper [ubergizmo]

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Ehhhh, kinda worthless.


Enter: Jaws.
What's up with Geekologie?
Its gone totally downhill.

Looks like a redneck X-wing.

I remember when the geekologie posts used to all be worth linking to people and the writing wasn't drawn out and wordy.

Original water chopper!

Post by Dan,
Webmaster of the gadgets reviews site

Totally agree with the X-Wing thing.
If only this dumb redneck had seen Star Wars, he could have made it even a bit more similar to an X-Wing.

You know, with the wings in X... hence the name... X-Wing... oh, bummer.

I´m pretty sure SW nerds from all over the galaxy would simply drown that bastard in money just to own one.

Thinking of which... i´ll go make myself a neat X-Winged jetsky.
Rich! I´m gonna be RICH!!!

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