Aug 2 2007Make Love Not War


You know what I thought when I watched Terminator? Why can't these giant killer robots just put down their weapons and have sex with each other? Well looks like I wasn't the only person who thought that, because somebody actually went and actually put this together. Check out the entire Flickr gallery here. Possibly NSFW, depending on your office's stance on killer robot sex.

Make Love Not War [Flickr]

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wow, just, wow

There are somethings in life I wish I could have never seen, this is one of them. I bet their prison gay.

Would robots even need to have sex? Would they feel anything?

^ Its not a 'need' to do it for the feeling. It is for reproduction. So no, they do not 'need' to have sex. But yes they can sense feelings, such as pain as mentioned in T2.

are those two dude robots?

This infringes on my copyrighted and trademarked alias "The Sperminator".

#3 - Oh, very Philip K Dick.

that one is called "Data Exchange" if you can't convert from binary to ASCII in your head.

Ahnuld NOOO!!!!

Having sexual intercourse with a robot is wrong?

Oh god...

What's this, the geek version of the Kama Sutra?

@5, I was thinking the same thing...

Some people have a wide imagination.

Posted by Dan,
Owner of – the gadget blog

it finally happened... rule 34 on terminator

Aaaaw, yeeeah! Droppin' loads all over your f***in' endoskeleton!!!

Well it would be better if T-800 screwing T-X

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That looks awsome as shit....Love it.

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